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From the fall, 1992, issue of The Gestalt Journal

Transference Meets Dialogue:  A Discussion Between Self-Psychologists and Gestalt Therapists -- A Transcription of a Panel Presentation with Ronald Alexander, Bernard Brickman, Lynne Jacobs, Jeffrey Trop, and Gary Yontef

From Paul Goodman's 1962 Drawing the Line:  A Pamphlet

Some Remarks on War Spirit

Remembering Barry Stevens

An article from The Gestalt Journal published shortly after her death in 1985, a collection of photographs taken during her life and selected correspondence with Journal editor Joe Wysong.  Learn more about the woman who Fritz Perls called "a natural born therapist."

Paradoxes in the Therapeutic Relationship by Magda Denes, Ph.D.  Denes was a member of the original study group that gave birth to the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy.  This article appeared in The Gestalt Journal's Festscrift for Laura Perls in Celebration of her Seventieth Birthday.

A facsimile reproduction of Laura Perls's doctoral dissertation as submitted for consideration in 1932 in Germany.  This file is not viewable online and must be downloaded for use.  The download is simple, but will tie up your computer (and your phone line) for anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes.

A selection of memories from the friends and students of Laura Perls.

We are pleased to add Rosemarie Wulf's The Historical Roots of Gestalt Therapy Theory to the collection of Gestalt therapy literature on this web site.  Her unique perspective as a Gestalt therapist living and practicing in Berlin, offers many keen insights into theoretical influences on Gestalt therapy.

Stephen Perls's Frederick Perls:  A Son's Reflections, the transcript of a talk given by Perls at The Gestalt Journal's 1993 conference in celebration of the centennial of Frederick Perls's birth.

A German language version of Stephen Perls's talk is now available.

Stolen by Gypsies, an article by Erving Polster discussing his youth and his introduction to Gestalt therapy.

"The Last Chorus," a page dedicated to the memory of leaders in the Gestalt community who have passed away.

Psychiatry in a New Key by Frederick S. Perls.  A manuscript written in the early 1950s that was the basis for the theory section of The Gestalt Approach/Eyewitness to Therapy.  This manuscript gives a much better sense of what Perls was communicating than the version edited by Richard Bandler for The Gestalt Approach.

Finding Self Through Gestalt Therapy is a transcript of a talk given at the Cooper Union by Frederick Perls in 1957.

Brief comments by Gestalt Journal editor Joe Wysong on the influence of General Semantics on Gestalt therapy theory and an introduction to the work of Alfred Korzybski followed by one of the better pieces taken from from his Collected Writings 1920-1950.

"Elegiac Reflections on Isadore From," by Michael Vincent Miller with photos from From's personal collection.

From the archives of The Gestalt Journal, Planned Psychotherapy by Frederick S. Perls. A talk given in the late 1940s at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City, "Planned Psychotherapy" predates the articulation of Gestalt therapy by a few years. Perls discusses in detail his developing use of focusing on the "here and now."

A German language version of Planned Psychotherapy is now available.

A French language version of Planned Psychotherapy is now available.

From the archives of The Gestalt Journal,  Gestalt-Antecedent Influence or Historical Accident by Allen R. Barlow.

From the archives of The Gestalt Journal:: Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Psychology by Robert Sherrill

Michael Vincent Miller's thoughtful introduction to The Gestalt Journal Press edition of Nature Heals: The Psychological Essays of Paul Goodman edited by Taylor Stoehr.

A German language edition of Miller's introduction is now available.

News and Notes from the global Gestalt community.

An Introduction to Gestalt Therapy by Gary Yontef. Probably the best introduction to the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy available.

Le Holisme de J. C. Smuts by Jean-Marie Robine. A paper delivered in 1993 on the influence of Jan Christiaan Smuts on Frederick Perls and Gestalt therapy. In French.

Growing Up Rugged: Fritz Perls and Gestalt Therapy by National Book Award winner Ernest Becker. Delivered as a talk shortly after Perls's death in 1970, this was originally published in The Gestalt Journal in 1993.

Gary Yontef's in-depth review of Gordon Wheeler's Gestalt Therapy Reconsidered which originally appeared in the spring, 1992, issue of The Gestalt Journal.

The Paradoxical Theory of Change by Arnold Beisser, M.D.  German language version.

The Case for Going Gentle, an award winning essay by Gestalt therapist Ruth Lampert inspired by her training with Arnold Beisser.

Fritz Perls wrote A Life Chronology as part of his introduction to the 1969 Random House edition of Ego, Hunger and Aggression. For reasons unknown to us, only the material that followed the chronology actually appeared. We offer it here exactly as Perls wrote it.

We have inserted photographs taken during Perls's lifetime at the appropriate location in the text.

A German language version of "A Life Chronology" is now available.

Frederick Perls's introduction to the 1971 Bantam edition and Isadore From and Michael Vincent Miller's introduction to the 1994 Gestalt Journal Press edition of Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality.

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