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December 1, 2016


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JEAN CLARK JULIANO , one of the main pioneers of Gestalt Therapy in Brazil died last  September after 10 years of dealing with courage with Parkinson disease.

She was of British descendence, and was an inspiration  to many generations of Gestalt therapists in Brazil. She attended several  international Gestalt conferences and, in the 80´s, she invited Gary Yontef to come to Brazil.

She was gentle, poetic, and wrote two books on the art of telling and hearing stories in therapy.

Her presence in the history of Gestalt community in Brazil leave strong marks on us all.

She was elegant in her manners and praised gentleness and good contact above all.


Selma Ciornai
Săo Paulo, Brazil


ISTITUTOGIFT (Gestalt Institute For Therapy) Pisa, Italy.

Registration is now open for the 2016-2017 programs.

To support the mental presence of the psychotherapist in the setting:

- The Vipassana Meditation, led by:
Ven. Constance Miller: 2017 18/02 & 11/03; Paolo Mori, 2017 21/01 & 04/02 and Luisa Lazzarotto, 2016, 19/11 & 3/12.

To support the bodily presence of the psychotherapist:

- Yoga practice, led by: Roberto Rustici.

To increase awareness of the relational field:

- Clinical Supervision in groups, led by: Ph. D. Rossi Stefano.

GIFT Institute supports programs in a Gestalt and phenomenological perspective, with a focus on awareness of relational dynamics and field pulse.

For info about details, dates, times, methods, costs, CV teachers you can:

Call office: +39335561800;
Mail to: info@istitutogift
Visit WebSite:

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Sono aperte le iscrizioni ai programmi 2016-2017 per colleghi psicoterapeuti.

A sostegno della posizione di presenza esistenziale del terapeuta nel setting:

- Programma di meditazione Vipassana, condotto da ven. Constance Miller, Paolo Mori e

Luisa Lazzarotto;

A sostegno della presenza corporea del terapeuta:

- Programma di Yoga, condotto da Roberto Rustici.

A sostegno della consapevolezza relativa alle dinamiche del campo relazionale:

- Supervisione Clinica in gruppo, condotta da Ph. D. Rossi Stefano

Istituto Gift organizza programmi in un?ottica gestaltica e fenomenologica, con una particolare attenzione alla consapevolezza delle dinamiche relazionali e alla pulsazione

del campo.

Per informazioni pi— dettagliate relative ai costi, alle date e modi:

cell: +39335561800
mail: info@istitutogift

Sito Web:

- A space and time for yourself and an update on new clinical issues -
Siracusa (Italy) - July 26-30, 2017

One of the most important (and forgotten) issues for psychotherapists is to take care of oneself and to give oneself time and space to breathe, concentrate, to be able to accept the support of someone else.
This Summer retreat and training will offer you the possibility to work on yourself, while being updated on contemporary Gestalt therapy theory and to reflect on the application of Gestalt therapy principles to today's clinical problems and - of course - to have good Italian food, swim in the Ionian Sea, and visit many historical (Greek and Roman) sites.
The program is led by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher, international trainer, Director of the Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy (Siracusa, Palermo and Milan). She has founded the Istituto di Gestalt in 1979 and it was the first School of Gestalt therapy training in Italy.
She and the trainers at her institute have made a significant contribution to the development of this psychotherapeutic method internationally, in terms of ongoing dialog with the demands of the society in which we live.
The Institute is recognized by the Italian Minister for Universities and by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). It is running Gestalt Therapy courses in Siracusa, Palermo and Milan.
For more information visit
Margherita is also president of the Italian Federation of Gestalt Therapy Schools (FISIG), past-president of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT), and of the Italian Federation of all Psychotherapy Methods (FIAP), founder and honorary president of the Italian Association of Gestalt Psychotherapists (SIPG), full member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy (NYIGT).
In her clinical work, she has hermeneutical applied Gestalt therapy principles to develop a relational, phenomenological and aesthetic approach. Recently she has been developing the integrative experience of suffering of the between (a new field view on psychopathology) and development. Her book - The Now for Next in Psychotherapy. Gestalt Therapy recounted in Post Modern Society - is available in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Participants introduction
Being a psychotherapist in contemporary society: current clinical practice in different cultures

Thursday, July 27, 2017
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Personal work
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Theory update: development of society and contemporary clinical issues.
Work in small groups

Friday, July 28, 2017
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Personal work.
Theory update: bodily and emotional desensitization in a globalized world
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Free time

Saturday, July 29, 2017
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Personal work. Theory update: fear of death and the need for rootedness in Gestalt therapy clinical practice
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Work in small groups. Personal work

Sunday, July 30, 2017
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Personal work. Our own personality and id-functioning today.
Good bye


The seminar will take place at the seaside in Siracuse. It will be possible to swim during breaks and after 6pm everyday. Friday afternoon is free time, when it will be possible to visit nearby historical places like Siracuse, Ortigia and Noto.
A list of B&Bs and hotels will be provided to participants.

700 Euro (board and lodging excluded).
550 Euro for the first five colleagues from Eastern European Countries (board and lodging excluded).

Gestalt psychotherapists. Maximum 20 people.


Through the site
A CV is required.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants

New York, NY

Hiro Yasuda, LCSW-R, CGP and Jennifer Kaiser, LMHC, M Ed / Saturday, December 3 / 11:00 am –2:00 pm.
Ever wonder what else you could be doing to further develop your private practice? Being a business owner can bring up a lot of feelings. You may experience excitement to build something of your own, fear of rejection, or guilt of making a living from therapy. These feelings are common yet we rarely have a place to process them.  This workshop is an opportunity to share with and learn from other practitioners, to further develop your identity as a therapist, understand how to market your authentic self, and explore your relationship with money and how it relates to your practice.  $150

Alan Schwartz, PhD, LCSW / Saturday, December 10 / 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Hawking writes that we create history by observing it rather than by history creating us.  We give sense to that which makes sense to us, the “illusions” formed by the sum total of what we have acquired throughout life and what we bring to human contact.  Every possible version of our histories lies within Gestalt boundaries.  We will work experientially and didactically with organic and acquired fields, i.e.: the physical organism and the conditioning processes growing out of these combined fields.  Attention will be paid to formation of identity and personality, the contact boundary, and the goal of presence (the here and now).  $100 (Continuing Education Hours for LMSW's and LCSW's: 5)

Rick Manista, PhD / Saturday, March 4 / 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Children with language and developmental disorders face unique challenges in their environment. Neurological difficulties make it challenging for children to express themselves and engage with their environment. In the past, behaviorist approaches have been used for social skills training. Gestalt techniques can be used to help engage these children in social situations and heal any wounds. This workshop will help therapists identify learning disabilities, how they affect children and practice Gestalt centered play therapy techniques for social skills training.  $100 (Continuing Education Hours for LMSW's, LCSW's and Licensed Psychoanalysts: 4)

The Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training at 37 E 28th St, Suite 408, New York, NY 10016 - Phone: 212-387-9429 - Email:



FACULTY: Mary Ann Kraus, PsyD, BCC, Daniel Goldstein, MSW, LCSW

DATES: December 2-4, 2016
TIMES: Friday, 1:00pm-7:30pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Sunday, 9:00am-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 16.5 Contact hours

In this increasingly complex and sometime chaotic world, interpersonal relationships have never been more important—or more complicated! Relating effectively with others can advance your professional career and enrich your personal life. In this fast-paced, multitasking world, the ability to relate authentically is easily compromised. It is often easier to withdraw into isolation and lose sight of our need to contribute to the creation of stimulating and supportive relationships and communities. Relating well is based upon using our capacities to be self-aware, curious and open to another's experience and viewpoint, as well as having the skills to communicate effectively in order to influence with integrity.   

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Michael C. Clemmens, PhD, Monique Rodriguez, MA, NCC, LPC

DATES: December 16-17, 2016
TIMES: Friday, 9:30am-6:00pm
       Saturday, 9:30am-6:00pm


Our bodies are the secret home of feelings and shame and unworthiness. Within our body self we can carry messages of what is "wrong" with us in our tissue. Addicts use substances to manage these feelings of shame and yet the process of addiction paradoxically creates more shame. Eventually their own body becomes a reminder of what they want to avoid. This whole cycle increasingly separates them from contact with their own body and others. For addicts in recovery, the healing of shame begins with sensing their body in the context of a relational field.

In this workshop we will explore how/where addicts carry and hold shame in their bodies. The structure of the two days will include experiential exercises, theory and skill practice.

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Mary Ann Kraus, PsyD, BCC, John Verbos, MA, MFA

DATES: January 6-8, 2017
TIMES: Friday, 1:00pm-7:30pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Sunday, 9:00am-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 16.5 Contact hours

In this increasingly complex and sometime chaotic world, interpersonal relationships have never been more important—or more complicated! Relating effectively with others can advance your professional career and enrich your personal life. In this fast-paced, multitasking world, the ability to relate authentically is easily compromised. It is often easier to withdraw into isolation and lose sight of our need to contribute to the creation of stimulating and supportive relationships and communities. Relating well is based upon using our capacities to be self-aware, curious and open to another's experience and viewpoint, as well as having the skills to communicate effectively in order to influence with integrity.     

216-421-0468 or visit


CHAIRPERSON: James I. Kepner, PhD
TEACHING FACULTY TO BE DRAWN FROM: Michael Clemmens, PhD, Richard B. Hancock, MA, BCC, PCC, GPCC, Ellen Hoffman, MA, PCC, Arlene L. Luberoff, MA, CCC-SLP, Maria de Lourdes Quiroz Kepner, MHD

DATES: Week I: January 10-15, 2017
       Week II: June 20-25, 2017
       Week III: October 3-8, 2017
       Week IV: January 16-21, 2018
TIMES: Please visit our website for full schedule and details
CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 180 Contact hours

Gestalt therapy, as a holistic approach, views physical experience and expression as intrinsic to a person's being and functioning. This advanced program is designed to refine and extend a practitioner skills in working with physical processes beyond those developed in basic Gestalt training. The program focuses on developing greater awareness of one's own body experience and its use in relationship, developing a client's body sensation and awareness, working with breath, body structure, movement, developmental movement, and the energetic system of client/facilitator.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of a comprehensive Gestalt Training Program. The applicant's personal and professional readiness to explore this type of work, as well as the compatibility of his/her work setting and field practice with the program's objectives will be considered.

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: James I. Kepner, PhD, Maria de Lourdes Quiroz Kepner, MHD

DATES: January 27-29, 2017
TIMES: Friday, 6:30pm-9:00pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Sunday, 9:00am-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 12.0 Contact hours
Therapists, coaches and facilitators in human development need to access resources and insight that may not be readily available in the client's current awareness. The Gestalt approach has unique and specific ways to develop and illuminate these hidden resources. Participants will learn how to orient to and work with dreams, fantasies and symbols and practice these principles with each other.

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Lynnette Davidson, MDiv, MEd, LPC-MHSP, John Verbos, MA, MFA

DATES: February 3-5, 2017
TIMES: Friday, 1:00pm-6:00pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Sunday, 9:00am-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE):16.0 Contact hours

Gestalt therapy's unique notion of self—that which emerges in the play at the contact boundary—mirrors the action of poetic metaphor. And just as such an approach to self makes the work of Gestalt therapy possible, an awareness of metaphor as it manifests itself in therapy can facilitate new kinds of work between client and therapist. Ultimately, then, a greater awareness of the play of metaphor can help us better understand our selves as at play at the contact boundary. In this workshop we will examine this cycle by describing the Gestalt therapy conceptualization of self alongside of and along with the concept of poetic metaphor.

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Gail Feinstein, LCSW

DATES: February 10-12, 2017  
TIMES: Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm
       Sunday, 10:00am-1:00pm



FACULTY: Richard B. Hancock, MA, BCC, PCC, GPCC, Monique Rodriguez, MA, NCC, LPC

DATES: February 17-19, 2017
TIMES: Friday, 1:00pm-7:30pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Sunday, 9:00am-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 16.5 Contact hours

In this increasingly complex and sometime chaotic world, interpersonal relationships have never been more important—or more complicated! Relating effectively with others can advance your professional career and enrich your personal life. In this fast-paced, multitasking world, the ability to relate authentically is easily compromised. It is often easier to withdraw into isolation and lose sight of our need to contribute to the creation of stimulating and supportive relationships and communities. Relating well is based upon using our capacities to be self-aware, curious and open to another's experience and viewpoint, as well as having the skills to communicate effectively in order to influence with integrity.    CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 16.5 contact hours 

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Heidi Abrams, MSSA, LISW, John Verbos, MA, MFA

DATES: February 24-25, 2017
TIMES: Friday, 1:00pm-7:00pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 13.0 Contact hours

Shame is frequently addressed in the therapeutic relationship as belonging to the other, or emerging within the dyad.  However, shame is also created, perpetuated, and maintained in our diverse cultures.  The phenomenon of shame can be difficult to notice by the collective "we," when it resides in group or culture.  Shame is carried in our individual bodies, families, and tribes.  In Gestalt therapy theory we call this "ground shame".  We carry this shame with us into the therapeutic relationship as therapists and as clients.  How do we sit with the other in our "otherness", when we experience distinct cultural differences?  How do these differences impact our ethical values in the relationship?

216-421-0468 or visit


FACUTLY: Ansel Woldt, EdD, LP, LPCC-S, Logan M. Lamprecht, PhD

DATE: Saturday, February 25, 2017 
TIME: 9:00am - 12:00am (midnight)
CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 12.5 Contact hours

This group experience engages participants in holistic, present-centered and process-oriented interactions by attending to both ‘What is being said’ and ‘What’s not being said.’ By attending to the ‘Here and Now,’ ‘I – Thou,’ and ‘What and How,’ awareness and contact is attended to in a manner that allows participants to experience authenticity and integrity in their personal and professional living. Past marathon group participants have reported fresh insights, creative adjustments, and life-changing awareness, thus experiencing a new sense of self, expanded potential for novel behavior and alternative ways of relating

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Lynne M. Kweder, MPA, LSW, BCC, Jessie Moncrief, MSSA, LISW-S

DATE: Friday, March 3, 2017
TIME: 9:00am-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 3.5 Contact hours

This workshop is an introduction to hearing, seeing, and responding as a Gestalt practitioner.  Through a series of exercises, participants will experience becoming fully present in the here and now.  Experience the difference in the impact they have relating with others using Gestalt principles.

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Rosanna O. Zavarella, PhD, BCC, Maria de Lourdes Quiroz Kepner, MHD

DATES: March 3-5, 2017
TIMES: Friday, 5:00pm-9:00pm
       Saturday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Sunday, 9:00a,-1:00pm

CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 14.0 Contact hours

In this experiential workshop we will examine and work with the language of dreams, symbols and imagery from a Gestalt perspective.  We will explore the ways that this work can open doors to our “non-rational world”, that is our unique, personal spirituality.  We will incorporate principles of Jungian (archetypal) psychology to create a bridge from our evolving spirituality to our work with our clients, communities and in our world.

216-421-0468 or visit


FACULTY: Melissa S. Kelly-McCabe, MS, MCC, GPCC, Mary Ann Kraus, PsyD, GPCC

DATES: March 27-28, 2017
TIMES: Monday, 9:00am-6:00pm
       Tuesday, 9:00am-6:00pm


What’s possible? As a coach, you can open up space for novel experiences that enable your clients to view themselves in the world differently. As you work with them in the here and now, you co-create creative experiences that support deep personal learning and highlight integrated and sustainable shifts in their experience and behavior.

Gestalt Experimenting is creative. With an experimental mind set, our bias is toward doing and generating new data, rather than rehashing a concretized narrative or talking about life experience abstractly. This allows the client to lead from their experience and enables the coachee and coach to spontaneously co-create a powerful experience in the moment to engage the client in active self-exploration.

216-421-0468 or visit


New York City:
with Ruella Frank, Ph.D.
January 21-22, 2017, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm each day

Ongoing nonverbal interactions with our primary caregivers during the first year of life set a relational foundation that is apparent both in the everyday life of the adult and in psychotherapy. Even though our adult postural attitudes, gestures, gait and breathing patterns have changed over time, the foundations established in our first year remain readily observable and available. Attending to these patterns within psychotherapy is especially powerful.

During this workshop, participants learn how their relational styles originated through affective/movement patterns within the infant/caregiver dyad. Through movement, participants will explore these intrinsic yet unaware primary patterns which are part of present experiences and influence daily life. We then apply this understanding to the here-and-now of the client/therapist dyad.

For more information and registration contact Ruella Frank at, or visit

A developmental and movement oriented approach to Psychotherapy
A 2-day workshop led by Ruella Frank
February 24-25, 2017, Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

In this 2-day workshop, Dr Ruella Frank will explore the intricate relational moves of embodied intersubjectivity that form a basis of communication, initially between parent and baby but then throughout life. The movement repertoire that develops in the first year of life is a language that conveys our most pressing desires, intentions and emotions. These expressive movements, acquired in the company of significant others, go on to become the tacit core of adult behaviour in everyday experience and, of course, in the psychotherapy relationship too. It is on the details of this somatic expression of affect and relational intent that we will focus during the workshop, developing our understanding of the meaning and emotional significance of these somatic communications and skills in applying those insights to the therapy work.

For more information and registration visit

New York City:
A radical phenomenological approach to Gestalt theory
with Ruella Frank, Ph.D.
July 10-13, 2017
For English and Spanish speakers.

As a phenomenological methodology, Gestalt therapy is concerned with an understanding of how we live the situation we are living: how to analyze, describe and know it. In this training, participants will learn the basic principles of Gestalt therapy theory by investigating the dynamics of movement. In breaking down movement process to its most basic
elements, we will explore ideas of self, creative adjusting, contacting, modalities of contacting, etc. That is, by focusing on MOVING– tactility (touch), kinesthesia (the feel of ourselves moving), and kinetics (movement itself), we will learn the essentials of how we experience ourselves with an other.

For more information and to register contact Centro de Terapia y Psicología,(+34) 91 416 52 70,, or visit

New York City:
Developmental process embodied within the clinical moment
with Ruella Frank, Ph.D.
Begins: September 2017

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, created by Ruella Frank, Ph.D., is a relational and movement-oriented approach to psychotherapy within a Gestalt therapy framework.

Inspired by the work of developmental psychologists and somatic practitioners, Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy is a template for understanding and working with early psychophysical blocks as they emerge in the here-and-now of therapy. Attending to movement patterns is particularly powerful when guided by contemporary developmental theory.

Four Training Modules, two per year in fall and spring, five full days and one half day per module.
Further information and to apply contact Ruella Frank at, or visit

Growth & Renewal in Community
A Gestalt Therapy Retreat & Training


Peter Cole, LCSW, Eva Gold, Psy. D, Daisy Reese, LCSW, Steve Zahm, Ph. D.
~At the beautiful Mendocino, CA coast~
Irish Beach, CA / August 9-13 2017

Limited to 24 participants - early application recommended!
Retreat- To create a space for participants to recharge and rejuvenate in a beautiful location with good food, in a community of others who are also seeking renewal and connection.

Training - For those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Gestalt therapy, this experience will be especially rich. The faculty all have many years of experience as Gestalt therapists and trainers. In addition to maintaining private practices, they have written about Gestalt therapy theory and practice, have presented and trained nationally and internationally, and have taught for many years at institutions including Pacific University School of Professional Psychology, Stanford University, the UC Davis School of Medicine and The Wright Institute.

This retreat/training is open to mental health professionals and others who have done extensive psychological growth work.  Psychotherapists from all theoretical orientations interested in learning more about Gestalt therapy are welcome.


Eva Gold and Steve Zahm are Co-Directors of Gestalt Therapy Training Center--Northwest in Portland OR, and Senior Faculty for the Buddhist Psychology and Contemporary Gestalt Therapy:  Bringing Mindfulness to Psychotherapy Practice program. In addition to practicing and teaching Gestalt therapy for decades, they have also studied Buddhist psychology and practiced Vipassana/Insight meditation for many years. Their recently completed book is Buddhist Psychology & Gestalt Therapy Integrated: Psychotherapy Practice for the 21st Century and they will bring this perspective to the training. 

Peter Cole and Daisy Reese are Co-Directors of the Sierra Institute for Contemporary Gestalt Therapy in Berkeley, CA. They train psychotherapists internationally.  In addition to practicing and teaching Gestalt therapy, they specialize in Gestalt group therapy and are graduates of the Washington (DC) School of Psychiatry's Group Therapy training program. They will bring an emphasis on group process to the training retreat. They have two current writing projects:  A new edition of their 1998 book on the business aspects of psychotherapy private practice, and a book on Gestalt group therapy.
Retreat faculty will lead morning process groups. Two tracks will be offered in the afternoon:  1) A didactic and skill building track, including experiential, and 2) A personal growth track. Evening activities will include the whole community.
The Sierra Institute for Contemporary Gestalt Therapy (SICGT) maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Continuing Education for Psychologists, CA MFTs and LCSWs 12 hours.  SICGT is an approved continuing provider (PCE 349) by the CA BBSE; SICGT is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists
 We look forward to having you join us!
Dates:  Wednesday evening, August 9 through Sunday morning, August 13 2017
Cost:  $1450 for double room.  $1650 for single occupancy; Includes Room & Board.  $250 non-refundable deposit holds your space, balance due on June 1, 2017
Price reductions for dorm style accommodations
For further information and an application please contact
Daisy Reese  (916) 444-1786

Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles
The 2016-2017 Salon Series

“Grief Counseling and Therapy from a Gestalt Perspective”
Led by Jerry Wilson, LMFT, and Jen Leong, MFTI
Sunday, January 22, 2017 3:00-4:30 PM

The challenges of coping with grief and loss confront each of us from early childhood.  Yet, many experience significant loss of all types during their adult years for which they find themselves unprepared and overwhelmed.  Grief, when left unresolved, can lead to more serious problems that can impact our future and our relationships.  Therapists deal with grief each day in their practices. In this interactive salon, we will explore a strategy for having a conversation about grief and loss, highlight a framework for understanding the grief process, and emphasize specific Gestalt principles utilized in grief counseling.

JERRY WILSON, LMFT is a grief specialist Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying, and Bereavement by the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC).  He is in private practice in and the Clinical Director of New Hope Grief Support Community in Long Beach, CA. 

JEN LEONG, MFTI is also a grief specialist Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying, and Bereavement by the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC). Jen is employed in a private practice in Long Beach and consults for grief support agencies.

All Salons are free - $5 for CEU processing

Salons take place at Southern California Counseling Center, 5615 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019

Please RSVP to


Presented by Stella Resnick, PhD

Sunday, May 7 To Friday, May 12, 2017
26 CE credits (AASECT, APA, MFT, and LCSW)
This 5-day Full-Spectrum Therapy training is primarily experiential with participants process work the route to professional expertise. Experiential work is followed by group discussion. Methods for exploring and enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy include a body-based reframing of relational and sexual issues, present-centered embodied Gestalt processing, and breath work to facilitate felt-sense perceptiveness, stress-regulation, and pleasure-enhancement.

Register early to be assured of your first choice of accommodates.

For more information, learning objectives, and to register, see:


Presented by Stella Resnick, PhD and Alan Kishbaugh
Sunday, July 16 to Friday, July 21 2017

Health professionals attending will gain skills relevant to clinical practice and earn 26 CE credits (AASECT, APA, MFT, and LCSW).

This 5-day couples' workshop emphasizes the body-based communications, experiences and skills that deepen intimacy and expand loving pleasures between mates. We explore three levels of intimacy:
* Emotional intimacy: presence; breath awareness; self-attunement; connection. 
* Physical intimacy: affection, interactive attunement; embodied empathy.
* Sexual intimacy: relaxed-excitement; broadening the range of erotic pleasures.

For more info, please visit:

Or call: (310) 855-7565

Stella Resnick, PhD
9730 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 205-B
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 855-7565

 Research in Gestalt Therapy: International Conference in Paris 26-28 May 2017.
This conference:
* Is designed for networking, collaboration and the elaboration of new research projects for Gestalt-therapy
* Is addressed to Gestalt practitioners, trainees and other psychotherapy practitioners
* Will exhibit current research and explore research relevant to the Gestalt tradition
* Will feature established clinicians-researchers who can stimulate and encourage those new to the field
* Will have world class psychotherapy researchers participating: Louis Castonguay, Wolfgang Tschacher and Xavier Briffault
* More information:


Address: 51 Lothian Road, EDINBURGH, EH1 2DJ
Telephone: +44 (0) 131 228 3841


Advanced therapy group with Graham Colbourne

This exciting, new, ongoing advanced Gestalt therapy group (up to 12 people) will meet four times a year for three days, and will benefit people with substantial experience of personal therapy in any modality. It will be of interest to people who wish to deepen their exploration by working in areas which may have been elusive or difficult, drawing on group energy, support and challenge. The group will bring a level of sophistication which will support exploration of early experiences which are significant in current life, where the possibility of growth can be maximised. Graham has particular interest and skill in working with embodied relational process, attending to emergent process at individual, interpersonal and group levels, and supporting creative experimentation; this may include using imagination, play, breath, movement, music, voice and other media. This will be a place for the exploration of the gamut of human experience: love, fear, destructiveness, loss, holding, nourishment, joy and the possibility of authentic and compassionate relationship.Applications are welcome from people who have already spent time travelling this path of growth and integration, for example those who have undertaken a training in counselling or psychotherapy and/or are familiar with receiving support and taking risks towards wholeness.

Dates: 18-20 Nov 2016, 3-5 Feb 2017, 14-16 April 2017, 2-4 June 2017
Cost: Ł1280 per year, including a nonrefundable deposit of Ł200


Evening conversations
Spirituality and psychotherapy: intersecting paths to wholeness?

In this third year of our popular evening conversation series, we will be exploring the relationship between spirituality and psychotherapy. Where is the common ground? Where do the paths diverge? Are there places where psychotherapy can’t or shouldn’t go? Are there paths which psychotherapy is best placed to lead on? We will reflect on these questions with regard to the role of the therapist; the theoretical and spiritual framework of each approach; the kind of conversations and activities which can be supportive for clients, and the spiritual orientation/style of the practitioner. There will be opportunities for questions, discussion and mingling. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.
All biographies are in our programme and on our website

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute.
Dates:     Thurs 3 Nov 2016: Wendy Robertson Fyfe and Mary Turner.             
Thurs 9 March 2017: John MacFadyen and Kirsteen Greenholm
Thurs 1 June 2017: Theo Dijkman and Graham Colbourne.
Times: 6:30 - 9:30pm.
Cost: Ł15 per event or Ł30 for booking all three events.


This Precious Sense called Life: Enchantment and Eros in Gestalt Theory and Praxis
with Sally Denham-Vaughan
We live in a complex, dynamic and fluid world, alive with creative possibilities, (enchanted), some of which we can support into vibrant aliveness (Eros). In psychotherapy, we sense these possibilities through our embodied presence as we co-emerge in dialogue. We have the privilege, and share the responsibility, of witnessing the creative possibilities that are engaged and those that are not. Some are loved, some are lost and many must be let go. This experiential workshop will focus on deepening our experience of being alive, being erotically engaged in our lives and ready to respond to calls from the field. We will practice paying exquisite attention to this enchanted world, noticing our choices concerning what we support and what we overlook. The ethical implications will be explored with reference to the philosophies of Levinas, Badiou and Gestalt theory.
The workshop is suitable for trainees, qualified psychotherapists and organisational practitioners from all modalities
Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute.
Dates: 6-7 May 2017.
Cost: Ł225 including a non-refundable deposit of Ł95.


A dialogue with diagnosis :a field-theoretical approach to emotional understanding
with Laurence Hegan
“We cannot avoid using power, cannot escape the compulsion to afflict the world, so let us, cautious in diction and mighty in contradiction, love powerfully.”  Martin Buber
At the heart of relational psychotherapeutic approaches’ is a belief that human beings are born with an intrinsic desire for intimacy and attachment. The world that we inhabit is endlessly unpredictable and the impact on relationships results inevitably in human suffering. As psychotherapists our focus is on the phenomenological worlds of our clients as we attempt to understand the nature of their specific suffering. In doing so our emotional equilibrium can de disrupted and our diagnostic frameworks offer support in the face of what might be unbearable.
In this experiential and practical workshop participants will be given opportunities to focus on meaning making in more complex ways than merely as ‘a knowing” clinician labeling phenomena into diagnostic categories as they emerge. Rather emphasis will be placed on focusing on the aesthetics of each relational situation to find a deeper emotional understanding guided loosely by our diagnostic knowledge.

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute.
Dates: 11-12 February 2017.
Time: 9:30am-5pm.
Cost: Ł235 including a non-refundable deposit of Ł100.


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Announcing 2nd extended edition of the clinician’s training programme in the Polish language

"BACK TO THE BEGINNINGS OF GESTALT THERAPY" – programme of six 2-day workshops for psychotherapists, counsellors, counselling psychologists, group facilitators and coaches.

“The therapist needs his conception in order to keep his bearings, to know in what direction to look. It is the acquired habit that is the background for this art as in any other art. But the problem is the same as in any art: how to use this abstraction (and therefore fixation) so as not to lose the present actuality and especially the ongoingness of the actuality? And how - a special problem that therapy shares with pedagogy and politics – not to impose a standard rather than help develop the potentialities of the other?” Perls, Hefferline, Goodman (1951).

The programme will consist of shared reading, dialogue and chewing of the basic assumptions made in "Gestalt Therapy" (PHG) - a seminal work that holds the primary theory of Gestalt therapy and is yet to be published in Poland. The idea is to bring this important text to the attention of Polish clinicians whilst at the same time provoking them to adapting it to their individual needs and the unique situation in which they practice.

Facilitated by Piotr Mierkowski i Ewa Canert-Laka

LÓDZ • POLAND • 2017: March, 18-19; April, 22-23, June 3-4; August 12-13, October 14-15, December 2-3.

For more information: or visit:



Zapraszamy do zapoznania sie z oferta


Cykl zaawansowanego szkolenia obejmujacy szesc 2-dniowych spotkan seminaryjno-warsztatowych dla psychoterapeutów, którzy chca poszerzac swoja wiedze na temat Terapii Gestalt.

Prowadzenie: Piotr Mierkowski i Ewa Canert-Laka

LÓDZ • POLAND • 2017: marzec, 18-19; kwiecien, 22-23, czerwiec 3-4; sierpien 12-13, pazdziernik 14-15, grudzien 2-3.

Program szkolenia oparty zostal na ksiazce "Gestalt Therapy Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality", autorstwa F. Perlsa, R. Hefferline’a i P. Goodmana - a przede wszystkim na jej drugim tomie "Novelty, Excitement and Growth", jaki do dzisiejszego dnia stanowi teoretyczna podstawe podejscia Gestalt do psychoterapii.

Ze wzgledu na odkrywczosc i ponadczasowy humanistyczny przekaz ksiazki, znanej w srodowisku gestaltystów jako „PHG” - od pierwszych liter nazwisk jej autorów, duza czesc szkolenia zostanie poswiecona dokladnemu studiowaniu jej zawartosci,  linijka po linijce, wlacznie z krytyczna dyskusja przekazów w niej zawartych.

Oprócz wspólnego „przezuwania” zródlowego tekstu, roczny program obejmuje prace terapeutyczna, demonstracje i superwizje przypadków oraz filmy, które pozwola na lepsze poznanie poczatków terapii Gestalt i jej twórców. Podstawowa metoda bedzie praca w grupie oparta o wspólne poszukiwanie rozumienia, nadawanie indywidualnego znaczenia, odnajdywanie siebie i swoich zasobów bycia psychoterapeuta we wspólczesnej sytuacji w Polsce.

Szczegňlowe informacje znajduja sie na stronie:

Dodatkowe zapytania prosimy kierowac pod adres email:

UKAGP National Conference 2017 - Celebrating Our Community

The Gestalt community is invited to celebrate 25 years of the British Gestalt Journal with Lynne Jacobs – Joe Melnick – Peter Philippson – Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
30th June to 2nd July 2017 – Wokefield Park Executive Centre, Reading, UK
Book at -

The Gestalt community is invited to join a community dialogue with Lynne Jacobs, Joe Melnick, Peter Philippson and Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb at the Wokefield Park Executive Centre, Reading, between 30th June and 2nd July 2017, in celebration of 25 years of the British Gestalt Journal.
Join us to explore unique articles in which our renowned guest writers will comment on current aspects of their work through seminars and workshops.

These exclusive papers will be published in the Spring 2017 British Gestalt Journal, in advance of the conference, and this material will be explored throughout the conference, in workshops and seminars, using Malcolm Parlett’s ‘Five Explorations’ methodology.

Following the conference the British Gestalt Journal will provide further informative writing consolidating thoughts and perspectives around the entire experience in the Autumn 2017 edition.

UKAGP and The BGJ are excited to be providing an innovative opportunity for Gestalt practitioners to engage together in a distinctive ‘learning and research’ experiential gathering.

Counts as 20 hours CPD, validated by a UKAGP certificate emailed directly to you post conference.
Your ticket price includes: Conference fee; en-suite accommodation; full board from 3pm Friday to 4:30pm Sunday; use of all leisure facilities, including indoor pool, gym and golf course.
Special Price – 1st 75 tickets booked online (UKAGP Members only): Ł395
UKAGP Members: Ł435
Standard Rate: Ł475
Special discounted ticket on the first 75 places booked online!

Jean-Marie ROBINE (ed.)

Mônica Alvim Botelho - Dan Bloom - Gilles Delisle & Line Girard - Gianni Francesetti - Ruella Frank - Lynne Jacobs - Kenneth Meyer - Michael Vincent Miller - Peter Philippson - Erving Polster - Jean-Marie Robine - Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb - Frank-M. Staemmler - Claudia Baptista Távora - Carmen Vazquez Bandin - Georges Wollants

Sixty-five years after the creation of Gestalt therapy, it seemed useful and interesting to question Gestalt therapy theorists on their understanding and use of this concept of ‘self’, and to invite them to deploy it and clarify the directions in which they may have been able to influence and enrich it.
The authors of these chapters are the major theorists of Gestalt therapy today. Every one has been able to take a refreshing look at this foundational concept. The variety of gateways they chose, the sources to which they return, such as psychoanalysis or pragmatism, to open up new perspectives, the broadening of their scope by bringing in approaches from neighboring disciplines (such as phenomenology, object relations theory, neurosciences, spirituality, aesthetics…) get us closer to the spirit of our founders, who hoped that each of us would appropriate their proposals, far from any idea of orthodoxy or a single-minded approach.
No doubt that this essential book will enrich our common ground and contribute to an international common dynamics.
388 pages
English edition: 40 € (+postage), French edition : 40 € (+postage)
e-book in English (Amazon) : 30 €

also available in Spanish, Russian at other publishers’, soon in Italian, Portuguese in progress…
contact :

Some other recent publications from l’exprimerie :
• Peter Philippson : Emergence du self
• Frank Staemmler : Repenser l’agressivité
• H. Cordier & Cl. Charlier (Ed.) : Vers une clinique de la situation
• Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb : Le ‘maintenant-pour-ensuite’ en psychothérapie
• Yaqui Andrčs Martinez : Philosophie existentielle pour psychothérapeutes
• Myriam Taylor : Thérapie du trauma - Neurosciences et gestalt-thérapie
• Georges Wollants : Gestalt-thérapie, thérapie de la situation

Transformational Chairwork – New York - December 2016 and January 2017

December 9, 2016 – Transformational Chairwork: The Advanced Dialogues

For more information and to register, please go to:

January 27 and 28, 2017 – Transformational Chairwork: A Two-Day Training

This workshop will explore the use of dialogues and enactments in the treatment of inner conflict, grief, difficult relationships, self-hatred, trauma, and addiction.
For more information and to register, please go to:

“Such an intense weekend. … It was amazing and Dr. Kellogg is gifted beyond words. Words cannot express the experience as it was truly an incredible healing journey.” – Barbara Soehner, LCSW

For more information about Transformational Chairwork, please go to:  or contact Scott Kellogg, PhD at

******NEW BOOK******

The Gestalt Therapy Kairos hcc Institute
(Ragusa, Rome, Venice)
directed by Giovanni Salonia and Valeria Conte

is pleased to announce the publication of the third issue of gtk books series: 

Gestalt Therapists Translate The Borderline Language
By Giovanni Salonia (Ed.), 2016 

It's now available on-line for free download from the link below:

 What’s in the issue:

- The moon is made of cheese. Gestalt translation of borderline language (GTBL)
by Giovanni Salonia

- The relational borderline pattern. Gestalt translation of the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-5 (‘Alternative’ model)
by Gabriella Gionfriddo

- «…As if i was born ‘uneven’…» The Gestalt translation of the borderline language model (GTBL). Clinical attestations
by Andreana Amato

- «If i am afraid to die, could i die?» Gestalt Therapy with a patient with borderline language
by Valeria Conte

Gestalt  Therapy Kairňs
Rivista di Psicoterapia
Journal of Psychotherapy
Via Virgilio, 10
97100 Ragusa - Italia
tel:   +39 0932 682109
FAX: +39 0932 682227


Westfield Gestalt Associates continues an ongoing theory and practice group one Friday evening per month, meeting from 7 PM to 10:30 PM.  Attendees may participate in whatever way they choose that meets their professional or educational needs. This is an opportunity to observe the Gestalt therapy modality ‘in action’, clarify principles fundamental to Gestalt work, and an occasion to enhance clinical skills in this modality, ‘hands-on’, with supervision.
The holistic and humanistic philosophy basic to Gestalt practice will be emphasized and various elements of Gestalt theory will be clarified at each meeting.  Join us for a lively and informative experience.
The last meeting of 2016 will take place on December 2. The first meeting date of 2017 will be January 6.

Call (908) 232-7274 for directions to our new location, 1 Cowperthwaite Square, Westfield, NJ or for additional information email to

Anyone wishing to ‘try us on’ is welcome.

Anahata Retreats

Embodied Relational Engagement
Relational Gestalt from an Embodied Perspective with Interpersonal Exploration in a Small Group Setting

A Residential Retreat in beautiful Mullumbimby near Byron Bay NSW Australia, with Philip Oldfield, Rhonda Gibson Long and Rodney Long. Restore and renew yourself, nurtured by good food, a serene rainforest environment, and supported by a community of people seeking connection, learning and renewal.

Dates: Thursday evening March 9th through to Sunday afternoon March 12th  2017.
Cost: $800 for a double twin share, $900 for a single room. $200 deposit holds your space with the balance payable by February 28th.

For more information contact Rhonda on, or 02-66840095 or check out We are on Facebook too under Anahata Retreats

This workshop is for Gestalt therapists and/or people who have done extensive personal therapeutic work and are interested in an embodied therapeutic process, embodied techniques and healthy relating. People will be able to develop skills for groundedness, effective communication in the workplace or for use with their clients. 

Gestalt therapists wanting to enhance their understanding of and skills with embodied relational Gestalt are encouraged to participate. Beginner Gestaltists are most welcome and supported to extend their experience and understanding of process work. Learning will be didactic and experiential with many opportunities for hands on learning and skill building in a supportive atmosphere.  Didactic sessions will cover Gestalt Therapy theory, and topics in the relational/ intersubjective approach to therapy.

The day starts with an optional morning restorative yoga/meditation group followed by breakfast at 8am. Then therapeutic process work and lunch. The afternoon deepens the group experience until break time after which we will explore the group process learning and therapeutic techniques, clarifying points of growthful learning. After dinner we may have a creative therapy session (art, movement, storytelling) to integrate the day's experiences.

You will be able to:
Renew your spirit in a beautiful location.
Enjoy a community of peers, teachers and fellow travellers.
Support your personal growth with process groups run by experienced facilitators.
Enhance your relational therapy skills with an emphasis on embodied contact with others.

Enjoy good food, music, have fun!

Learning Goals:
1. 1.    Identify and track themes and yearnings as they unfold in relational processes
2. 2.    Develop ability to be grounded even when the going is difficult
3. 3.    Dealing creatively with rupture and repair and healthy shame
4. 4.    Deepen your capacity for self care and healthy engagement with the world
5. 5.    Explore Family of Origin influences by using Constellation and Psychodrama with Gestalt integrative techniques

About Us: Rhonda Gibson Long and Philip Oldfield were directors of Sydney Gestalt Institute for 15 years, where they trained Gestalt therapists in part time 4 year post graduate course organized around didactic teaching, skills practice and extensive group work. We invited trainers from overseas to enrich our courses and hosted workshops from Peter Phillipson, Robert Lee, Sylvia Crocker, Ron Alexander, Talia Bar Yoseph Levine, Susan Gregory, David Hoban and Janice Gerard, and from Australia mentors and trainers as Brian O'Neill, Yaro Starak, Claudia Rosenberg-Zimbinski and Zish Zimbinski. We have done numerous workshops with Lynne Jacobs and Gary Yontef and also James Kepner.

PD Certificates of Attendance will be issued for 20 hours.
Future dates 2017: June 22-25, August 31- September 3, November 2-5.

Do you want to know what you know?
The art of Awareness

New book by Hanne Hostrup

Hanne Hostrup describes in this book how our basic knowledge about ourselves stems from the many experiences we constantly are making and have made at different times in our life. 

These descriptions are supplemented by examples which make it possible for the reader to recognize one self and others. 
She mentions also how we by focused attention are able to discover and examine our automatic behaviors and in this way become aware of how and who we are.
The descriptions in the book are based on a phenomenological, existential and gestalt-psychological theory. 

Hanne Hostrup graduated as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen in 1978. Licentiate degree in 1983. Additional training as a Gestalt therapist in USA. She has been running a private clinic for 25 years, has provided training and supervision in Gestalt therapy to psychologists, and currently works mainly as a speaker, writer, and workshop leader.
In addition to this introduction to Gestalt therapy, Hanne Hostrup is the author of several, highly acclaimed books.

This ebook is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.

Link to the book:

Link to publisher:

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