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October 1, 2017


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Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy
Director: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

SUMMER PROGRAMME FOR GESTALT PSYCHOTHERAPISTS - A space and time for yourself and an update on new clinical issues -
Siracusa (Italy) - July 25-29, 2018

One of the most important (and forgotten) issues for psychotherapists is to take care of oneself and to give oneself time and space to breathe, concentrate, to be able to accept the support of someone else.

This Summer retreat and training will offer you the possibility to work on yourself in a worldwide professional group setting, while being updated on contemporary Gestalt therapy theory and to reflect on the application of Gestalt therapy principles to today's clinical problems and - of course - to have good Italian food, swim in the Ionian Sea, and visit many historical (Greek and Roman) sites.

The program is led by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher, international trainer, Director of the Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy (Siracusa, Palermo and Milan). She has founded the Institute in 1979 (the first School of Gestalt therapy training in Italy) and in these past years she and the trainers at her institute have made a significant contribution to the development of this psychotherapeutic method internationally.

The Institute is recognized by the Italian Minister for Universities and by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). It is running Gestalt Therapy courses in Siracusa, Palermo and Milan, and other countries.
The first Program has taken place in July 2017: it has been a wonderful involvement in theory, practice and personal works for a worldwide group of Gestalt psychotherapists, many of whom intend to come back for the 2018 program.

Better to register soon if you are interested!
For more information visit

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Being a psychotherapist in contemporary society: current clinical practice in different cultures

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Development of society and contemporary clinical issues.

Friday, July 27, 2018
Bodily and emotional desensitization in a globalized world

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Fear of death and the need for rootedness in Gestalt therapy clinical practice

Sunday, July 29, 2018
How do we want to be Gestalt psychotherapists today?


The seminar will take place at the seaside in Siracuse. It will be possible to swim during breaks and after 6pm everyday. Friday afternoon is free time, when it will be possible to visit nearby historical places like Siracuse, Ortigia and Noto.
A list of B&Bs and hotels will be provided to participants.

700 Euro (Sicilian food snacks are provided during breaks; board and lodging excluded).
550 Euro for the first five colleagues from Eastern European Countries (board and lodging excluded).

Gestalt psychotherapists. Maximum 20 people.


Through the site
A CV is required.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants

An Advanced International Event in Gestalt Therapy

Ruella FRANK • Jean-Marie ROBINE • Michael Vincent MILLER

Bilbao - Spain  •  2018, July - 23-29

This six-day program, a collaboration among Michael Vincent Miller, Ruella Frank and Jean-Marie Robine, three international trainers and theorists, is intended for experienced practitioners as well as trainers of Gestalt therapy. The emphasis is on expanding possibilities and exploring new horizons in our work. Foundational concepts of Gestalt therapy, such as contacting, contact-boundary, theory of self, etc., will be scrutinized and given new shape.  Some of our concerns to be taken up:  The phenomenology of movement in early development and therapy; anxiety, depression, and trauma from a temporal point of view; the central place of form in the aesthetics of health and pathology; reflexivity--the moving I and the feeling Me--in the theory of self.

Each half-day, one of the presenters will open the topic and the other two join in to contribute to a further illumination of the theme, and arrive at an integration of our various perspectives. There also will be ample time for experiments, small group discussion, and therapy demonstrations to ground this new material in participants’ experience.

Information - Registration
Institut Français de Gestalt-thérapie
+335 57 58 29 70

 Transformational Chairwork – New York and London – 2017

New York City
October 6 and 7, 2017 - A Two-Day Training

For more information and to register, please go to:

October 12, 2017

Working with Inner Conflict, Grief and Loss, and Difficult Relationships

For more information and to register, please go to:

October 13, 2017
Working with Complex Emotions; Overcoming Trauma and Interpersonal Mistreatment; and Engaging the Inner Critic/Challenging Self-Hatred.

For more information and to register, please go to:

For more information about Transformational Chairwork, please go to:  or contact Scott Kellogg, PhD at


The Hypnotherapy Training Institute is offering two hypnotherapy certification trainings early in 2018. These comprehensive programs have a special emphasis on the integration of Gestalt and hypnotic modalities. They are experientially oriented, including demonstrations, group processes and supervised practice. The additional access to the subconscious mind via the skillful, sensitive use of a wide range of hypnotic methods can create powerful synergies with Gestalt. In fact, many Gestalt methods tend to be hypnotic, which is one of the reasons Gestalt can be so effective.

The classes meet near San Francisco, California at the lovely Corte Madera Inn, ten minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. They are designed for experienced and prospective counseling and health professionals from around the world.
The accelerated program begins March 3 and is four consecutive levels of 50 hours per week. These classes draw students from many states and countries each semester. HTI's program on weekends is designed for the convenience of northern Californians and is series of full day meetings on Saturdays and some Sundays, January 27 through April 29. Just a portion of either program may be taken at a time. There are special workshops within each training, including Hypnotic Gestalt Dreamwork. The trainings can fill well in advance, so early registration is highly recommended.

Celebrating 39 years in the field, the Hypnotherapy Training Institute is approved by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and for various CEUs for professionals, including for MFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs and nurses.

HTI's founder and primary instructor is Randal Churchill, author of three teaching texts for professionals. His classic Regression Hypnotherapy (now newly updated in a 2nd Edition) is primarily about the integration of age regression and Gestalt, as is the companion volume, Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy, which has received an extraordinary review from Robert Hall MD, former associate of Fritz Perls. Churchill's award-winning text, Become the Dream: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork, is about the integration of Gestalt dreamwork and hypnotherapy. Information about the three books is featured at
Cheryl Canfield teaches substantial portions of each program. Her book Profound Healing has received rave reviews from Joseph Chilton Pearce, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss and Gerald Jampolsky.
Details about HTI's programs are at our website, and in our free Course Brochure, which can be downloaded at the website or obtained by emailing or calling 1-800-256-6448 toll-free (within the USA, Canada and Caribbean countries) or +1-707-579-9023 (International calls).

October 2017
'An Overview of Gestalt Group Therapy, from Fritz & Laura to Now'. Presenter: Bud Feder, Ph.D.
This workshop will explicate and then demonstrate the evolution of Gestalt group therapy from its beginnings (individual or ‘hot seat’ work in front of a group/audience) to the present with its emphasis on interactive and relational models.  The level of presentation will be geared to clinicians, including Gestalt therapy trainees.  Experiential work will be followed by a discussion of the work, including the application of Gestalt Therapy and practices.
Saturday, 10/7/17, 11am-5:30pm, $125, 5 CE Units
'Introduction to Couples Work' Presenter: Marla, Silverman, Ph.D.
This workshop is for the therapist who wants a way to understand how to work with couples. We will cover principles and methods of working with couples, how to structure a session, what to look for and how to intervene. This workshop is both didactic and experiential. Through role play we will demonstrate and practice interventions, and discuss therapeutic choices.  Bring a sense of wonder and fun.
Sunday, 10/8/17, 11am-2pm, $100, 3 CE Units

November 2017
'Working with Addiction' Presenter: Robert Mauksch, LCSW
Addiction, as a response to stress and a coping mechanism, complicates many lives and relationships.  It can be a source of shame and isolation, and leave clients vulnerable to chaotic situations and moods.  How can clients manage choices around compulsive abuse of substances (whether alcohol, drugs, food, or sex), and mitigate potentially harmful outcomes of these behaviors?  This workshop will depart from the stigma around substance use to offer a deeper look at relational issues underlying addiction as a style of self-other contact management/modification.  Our conversation will be open to both harm reduction and abstinence approach perspectives.
Saturday, 11/4/17,11am-6pm, $125, 6 CE Units

Voice Attunement for Therapists' Presenter: Naaz Hosseini, LP
Voice is an integral part of the therapeutic process.   When therapists are not aware of their own voices, they can undermine their intention.  When they are not aware of their clients’ voices, they can miss important cues.  Through lecture and practicum, this training will attune therapists to ways in which voice reveals, informs, and helps guide effective practice.
Saturday, 11/11/17, 10am-4pm, $125, 5 CE Units



Sponsored by the Gestalt Institute of New York

October 4, 2017, 8:15-10:30 pm

At Chelsea Studios
121 Wooster St. Apt 4F
(Between Prince and Spring)

Embodied relational intimacy is a wordless communication between intimates that is conveyed through eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice, and empathetic gestures that is an authentic reflection of our true selves and at the very root of trust and affection between mates. When playfully eroticized this embodied connection provides the essence of arousal between lovers. 

This presentation will discuss the profound interplay between love and sex from early childhood programing to adult intimate relationships. We will explore methods for integrating a body-based Gestalt experiential focus with breath work and emotional-sensual-sexual healing in couples therapy. We end with exercises that can be utilized with couples during a therapy session or at home.

For more information please visit,

November 3 and 4, 2017
Beverly Hills, California
Friday and Saturday, 10 am to 6:30 pm each day 
AASECT-approved for 12 CE Credits
This seminar offers an embodied relational approach for working with both individuals and couples on relationship and sexual issues. We specifically focus on the interplay between sexual aliveness and emotional connection in a relationship.
In particular, we examine the impact of a wide spectrum of emotions, expressed or suppressed—especially, anxiety, guilt, resentment, or shame—on sexual interest, arousal, and fulfillment. We then focus on how to creatively utilize present-centered processing to address the underlying feelings to deepen love and promote growth, empathy, connection, and sexual pleasure.  
In this 2-day workshop you will:
• Explore an embodied-relational model for emotional and sexual fulfillment in intimate relationships that draws from sexology, neurobiology, and Gestalt present-centered experiential practice.
• Practice experiential training that emphasizes personal growth through Gestalt present-centered processing, felt-sense perceptiveness, conscious breathing, imagery, attunement to body-based cues, and non-interpretive feedback.
For more information on Full-Spectrum Gestalt trainings (FSG), please visit:

To register, email for a Registration Form:

Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA.
May 6-11, 2018

Loving interactions between two people are present moment expressions of a complex of pleasurable sensations in the body that can lift the spirit, heal emotional wounds, and forge a strong bond between people. The same can be said about making love. Yet, love and lusty sex are rarely seen as intertwined. Once lovers declare their commitment to one another, passionate lovemaking can fade as partners begin to interact as family, often through subtle bodily cues that can trigger old wounds and defensiveness.

This Full-Spectrum Gestalt approach to Relational Sex Therapy is informed and supported by interpersonal neurobiology. The training is primarily experiential with participants process work the route to professional expertise. Methods for exploring and enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy include embodied Gestalt processing, breath work and body felt-sense awareness.

During this 5-day seminar we specifically look at:

*  The neurobiological evidence that experiential present-centered processing is most effective at fostering growth in therapy.

*  How therapist personal growth, presence, and sensitivity to client interactive bodily cues are key clinical attributes.

* Setting experiential relational and sexual goals.

* How early attachment, sexual programing, and shame manifest in adult intimacies.

* Gestalt processes for moving through a relational or sexual impasse to support authenticity, healing, and choice.

Join us for a powerful experiential training and personal growth experience.

For more information and to register, please visit:

Stella Resnick, PhD
9730 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 205B
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Metanoia Institute
MSc Leading Change & Organisational Development

Complexity, Gestalt & Systemic Perspective
Taking Applications now for:
•Entry into Year 1 commencing October 2017 – via a first degree (or equivalent qualification)
•Direct Entry into Year 2 commencing October 2017 – via Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)
Who is the Course for?
This MSc course is for leaders, managers, organisational consultants and change agents who wish to develop their theoretical, practical and personal skills to lead and facilitate transformative change or any form of personal, team or business development. It is original, interdisciplinary and imaginative. It fosters an attitude of inquiry and provides the sophisticated and personal tools needed for leadership in an increasingly volatile and complex world.

A practical & time-efficient structure
• This is a part time Masters programme spread over 2 years
• It involves only 4 modules of 4 days per year to ensure limited time away from home & work, and to enable international participants to join

Dates for both Year 1 and Year 2
• 19.10.17 - 22.10.17
• 25.01.18 - 28.01.18
• 22.03.18 - 25.03.18
• 28.06.18 - 01.07.18
Year 1:
6250GBP (subject to revision) plus Metanoia membership & Individual coaching Year 2 (including Dissertation Year):
7210GBP (subject to revision) plus Metanoia membership (Residential accommodation is self-funded)
Venue and Contact
The courses will be held at: Metanoia Institute, 13 Gunnersbury Avenue, Ealing, London, W5 3XD
Please contact Academic Registrar, Cathy Simeon
Tel 0208 8323072 to express your interest or to obtain an application form
Or contact the Programme Leader, Jenny Mackewn
Tel: 07887 636918 to learn more about the course


Announcing 3rd edition of the clinician’s training programme in the Polish language:

"BACK TO THE BEGINNINGS OF GESTALT THERAPY" – The programme of four 3-day workshops spread over 10 months is aimed at psychotherapists, counsellors, counselling psychologists, group facilitators and coaches of all theoretical persuasion.

“The therapist needs his conception in order to keep his bearings, to know in what direction to look. It is the acquired habit that is the background for this art as in any other art. But the problem is the same as in any art: how to use this abstraction (and therefore fixation) so as not to lose the present actuality and especially the ongoingness of the actuality? And how - a special problem that therapy shares with pedagogy and politics – not to impose a standard rather than help develop the potentialities of the other?” Perls, Hefferline, Goodman (1951).

The workshops will consist of shared reading, dialogue and chewing of the basic assumptions made in "Gestalt Therapy" (PHG) - a seminal work that holds the primary theory of Gestalt therapy and is yet to be published in Poland. The idea is to bring this important text to the attention of Polish clinicians whilst at the same time provoking them to adapting it to their individual needs and the unique situation in which they practice.

• FACILITATORS: Piotr Mierkowski i Ewa Canert-Laka •

• ITEG • RZESZOW • POLAND • 24-26th February, 21-23th April, 22-24th September, 24-26th November 2018 •

For more information: or visit:



Zapraszamy do zapoznania sie z oferta

"ROCZNY PROGRAM GESTALT THERAPY DLA PROFESJONALISTOW" - cykl zaawansowanego szkolenia obejmujacy cztery 3-dniowe spotkania seminaryjno-warsztatowe dla psychoterapeutow, studentów zaawansowanych lat studiow psychoterapii, psychologów i coachów, ktorzy chca poszerzac swoja wiedze z zakresu Terapii Gestalt.

Program szkolenia oparty zostal na ksiazce "Gestalt Therapy Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality", autorstwa F. Perlsa, R. Hefferline’a i P. Goodmana - a przede wszystkim na jej drugim tomie "Novelty, Excitement and Growth", jaki do dzisiejszego dnia stanowi teoretyczna podstawe podejscia Gestalt do psychoterapii.

Ze wzgledu na odkrywczosc i ponadczasowy humanistyczny przekaz ksiazki, znanej w srodowisku gestaltystow jako „PHG” - od pierwszych liter nazwisk jej autorów, duza czesc szkolenia zostanie poswiecona dokladnemu studiowaniu jej zawartosci,  linijka po linijce, wlacznie z krytyczna dyskusja przekazów w niej zawartych.

Oprocz wspolnego „przezuwania” zrodlowego tekstu, roczny program obejmuje prace terapeutyczna, demonstracje i superwizje przypadkow oraz filmy, ktore pozwola na lepsze poznanie poczatkow terapii Gestalt i jej tworcow. Podstawowa metoda bedzie praca w grupie oparta o wspólne poszukiwanie rozumienia, nadawanie indywidualnego znaczenia, odnajdywanie siebie i swoich zasobow bycia psychoterapeuta we wspolczesnej sytuacji w Polsce.

• Prowadzenie: Piotr Mierkowski i Ewa Canert-Laka

• Daty: 24-26 Luty, 21-23 Kwiecien, 22-24 Wrzesien, 24-26 Listopad 2018

• Miejsce: siedziba Instytutu Treningu i Edukacji Gestalt  (ITEG), RZESZOW, POLSKA

Szczegolowe informacje znajduja sie na stronie:

Dodatkowe zapytania prosimy kierowac pod adres email:

The Gestalt Therapy Institute is sponsoring a workshop: Aging, Living and Dying
Location: Bryn Mawr College

Join us for an experiential workshop about growing older and the approaching end of life.

“Being aware of one’s own mortality is actually an incentive to being alive. Real creativeness, in my experience, is inextricably linked with the awareness of mortality. The sharper this awareness, the greater the urge to bring forth something new, to participate in the infinitely continuing creativeness in nature…This is what makes life livable and incidentally makes therapy possible.

Gestalt therapy, with its emphasis on immediate awareness and involvement, offers a method for developing the necessary support for a self-continuing creative adjustment, which is the only way of coping with the experience of dying, and therefore, of living.”

Saturday, October 28, 2017
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Marilyn Lammert, MSW, ScD
Madelon Rudman Clark, MSW
Anne Leibig, MSW, LCSW

610-668-5177 or email:

Training Programme 2018-20

1. Starting September 2018 - currently recruiting


A 2-year part-time post-qualifying course, open to anyone working relationally - not exclusively psychotherapists and counsellors, e.g. teaching, social work, coaching, etc.

This will also be the course's second run. The current training started September 2016, and we are very excited by this journey trainers and trainees have embarked on. They have now completed Year One and will embark on Year Two this September. For a flavour of the course, see our Facebook page (Gestalt Centre Belfast).

The programme is for those who wish to extend their professional skills by learning about and applying a Gestalt framework (theory, methodology and practice) to their working context. The learning is experiential through group participation.

Year One focuses on working with individuals.
Year Two focuses on working with groups.

2. Starting 2018 (dates tba) - expressions of interest welcome


For the second time running, our 18-month programme “Working at one remove” - using a Gestalt framework in supervision. This programme addresses the needs of all those who wish to develop their supervision competence whether clinical, organisational, coaching, etc. This field-theoretical approach is taught by very experienced supervisors and trainers. Learning will be experiential.

Year One: 10 tutor-led workshops
Year Two: 6 x 3-hour sessions of supervision practice in small groups, 2 assessment practice tutorials and 1 one and a half-day assessment workshop.

Prepares for BACP and IACP Supervisor accreditation.

GCB Faculty: Dr Seán Gaffney, Bríd Keenan, Joëlle Gartner and Marie Quiery.

Indicate interest or ask for further information from
For full details of these two programmes, incl. timetables, costs and application packs, contact See also ‘Gestalt Centre Belfast’ page on Facebook and htpps://


New Gestalt Voices journal ( is the student owned and edited Gestalt journal set up this year to support people who have never had their material published in the Gestalt arena before. We particularly want to encourage submissions from trainees and recent graduates from Gestalt programmes. We publish writing, and we are also interested in sharing creativity in whatever form - artistic, audio, video - whatever can be supported via our web-platform and pdf journal. We welcome shorter blogs and longer pieces of writing. We are also open to receiving anything that subverts the idea of a traditional journal! Get your thinking hats on. We offer peer mentoring & a Facebook group to support the creative process and sharing of ideas. If interested please contact

Dorothy E. Siminovitch, PhD, MCC

DATES:   November 28-30, 2017
LOCATION:   Toronto, Ontario
CCEUs:   25
COST:   $1,800usd + HST (includes a non-refundable $75usd registration fee; graduates of coach training programs - ask about a 10% tuition reduction)

Personal and professional mastery means that we are aware of what we evoke and responsible for what we provoke. As coaches, we are tasked with being present in our presence and being able to leverage our presence in order to:
--  be aware of who we are
--  act choicefully in the moment
--  strengthen our capacity to influence and to inspire others
--  nurture our ability to effectively intervene across multiple levels of system relevant to the client.
Skillful leveraging of presence requires excellent process management skills that invite awareness, choice, and innovation.

This workshop draws from Gestalt foundations, and is designed to explore coaching presence and to develop a perceptive and strategic use of self that can make a difference in the personal and professional lives of clients. We offer a highly experiential, relational, and feedback-rich workshop that allows our participants to practice what they are learning in the observant, supportive company of equally committed peers and experienced Gestalt practitioners.

Participants will:
--  Strengthen awareness of their distinctive presence
--  Explore their impact and effectiveness as intervener at multiple levels of system
--  Identify their access to both intimacy and strategic action
--  Learn developmental strategies to increase personal and professional mastery

Contact Martha Lannoch, Administrator, at



Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with our Gestalt associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, we aim to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of organisational development, community building, coaching and psychotherapy.

You can see our full range of training opportunities and events here:  And if you’d like to kept informed, please sign up to receive our newsletter by clicking here:  


Is there an unlived life in each of us? A part of us that is longing to live more fully? In this one-day gathering we will explore how to reveal this part through mask, movement, imagery and expressive art. Through active imagination we can begin to see these threads of potential life and start to bring them to life. The day will be led by Relational Change affiliate, Sue Congram. Drawing on Gestalt and Jungian theory, she will explore ideas of active imagination and the imaginal field. She will discuss the theory and history behind this work and what we can do to expand our unlived life. Whether you are a therapist, counsellor, organisational consultant, coach, or just interested in the work of Relational Change, we believe you will discover something useful in this day of reflection and discussion. This is an opportunity for us to gather as a community, share updates on our work and strengthen relationships.

Date: November 30th 2017 | Venue: Notting Hill, London, UK

Contact: Sue Gammons

BURSARIES AVAILABLE! ROG is an holistic and practical approach to facilitating organisational and individual change. It is informed by Gestalt psychotherapy, and the latest thinking in systems theory and complexity, as well as by other complementary theoretical concepts. This programme leads to European Accreditation as a Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations. It provides skill enhancing training for coaches, consultants, leaders/managers, OD or HR professionals, facilitators and change agents working in any field. It’s also ideal for therapists and counsellors aiming to move into coaching or organisational work.

Date: Starts December 2017 | Venue: Esher, Surrey, UK

Contact: Marie-Anne Chidiac


This certificate/diploma programme is suitable for psychotherapists, counsellors and organisational practitioners wishing to be accredited to supervise others and is based upon our new matrix model of a relational approach to supervision and supervisory practice.

Date: Starts December 2017 | Venue: Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, UK

Contact: Sally Taylor


This certificate/diploma course offers an approach to couples work grounded in a relational perspective of practice. The emphasis is on a pragmatic and creative approach to working with couples within a relational frame.

Date: Starts January 2018 | Venue: Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, UK

Contact: Sally Taylor




Turin (Italy) 2018-2019/2020-2021

International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology (IPsiG)

The International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology was founded in Torino in 2016 and is rooted in the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy, in particular in those contemporary developments focused on a relational and field perspective in psychotherapy. The IPsiG is in continuity with the tradition and the further developments of this approach, in dialogue with the other therapeutic modalities and with current cultural, philosophical and scientific developments. The Institute is deeply rooted in the tradition of the phenomenological psychopathology and in the contemporary wide debate on diagnosis and clinical practice. It is part of an international network devoted to the advancement of Gestalt Therapy and its applications to clinical practice. Human suffering is understood as a creative expression of the relational field and therapy as the situation where the therapist's presence supports the transformation of pain into beauty, following the aesthetic criteria of the contact process.

Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele

G. Francesetti, Michela Gecele, J.-M. Robine, C. Vazquez Bandin, Peter Philippson, Maya van Zelst, Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Main topics:
Program I, 2018-2019

1.    May, 2-6, 2018
From individual symptoms to psychopathological fields
G. Francesetti, M. Gecele
2.      October, 24-28, 2018
Panic, panic disorder and anxiety
G. Francesetti
Personality disorders: borderline experience
M. Gecele

3.      May, 8-12, 2019
Depressive experiences
G. Francesetti
Manic experiences
M. Gecele

4.     October, 16-20, 2019
Narcissism and shame
J.-M. Robine
Phobias and obsessive compulsive experiences
G. Francesetti

Program II, 2020-2021

1.    April, 22-26, 2020
Psychosomatic disorders
C. Vazquez Bandin
Trauma and post-traumatic disorders
G. Francesetti
2.      October, 21-25, 2020
The self and the skin. Eating disorders
P. Philippson
Addictive Experiences
M. van Zelst

3.      April, 21-25, 2021
Relational sexual issues
N. Amendt Lyon
Violence in intimate relationships and in society
M. Gecele

4.     October, 20-24, 2021
Psychotic experiences in the schizophrenic spectrum
M. Gecele, G. Francesetti

Location: in the very center of Turin (Italy), Centro Studi Sereno Regis, via Garibaldi 13,

Language: English and Italian

Year schedule: Two 5 days seminars per year (from Wednesday to Sunday).

Cost: it is possible to choose the participation in a single seminar,
or in the first two-year program,
or in the entire four-year program.

Single seminar: 700 euros
Two year program: 2.250 euros
Four year program: 4200 euros

Attendance is mandatory, you can retrieve any absences in successive editions of the program.
Participants: Maximum 30 people, Gestalt therapists, psychotherapists from other modalities, psychiatrists.
Accommodation: Information on different categories of accommodation in the area where training will take place will be provided.

Information and registration:





Torino 2018-2019/2020-2021

Istituto internazionale di Psicopatologia e Psicoterapia della Gestalt

L'Istituto internazionale di Psicopatologia e Psicoterapia della Gestalt Źč stato fondato a Torino nel 2016 e si colloca nel quadro della teoria e pratica della psicoterapia della Gestalt, in particolare in quegli sviluppi contemporanei incentrati su una prospettiva relazionale e di campo in psicoterapia. L'IPsiG si pone in continuitŕ con la tradizione e gli sviluppi successivi di questo approccio, in dialogo con altre modalitŕ terapeutiche e con gli attuali sviluppi culturali, filosofici e scientifici. L'Istituto čŹ profondamente radicato nella tradizione della psicopatologia fenomenologica e nel vasto dibattito contemporaneo sui temi della diagnosi e della pratica clinica. Fa parte di una rete internazionale impegnata nello sviluppo della psicoterapia della Gestalt e nella sua applicazione alla pratica clinica. La sofferenza umana čŹ concepita come un'espressione creativa del campo relazionale e la terapia come una situazione nella quale la presenza del terapeuta supporta la trasformazione del dolore in bellezza, secondo i criteri estetici del processo di contatto.

Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele

G. Francesetti, Michela Gecele, J.-M. Robine, C. Vazquez Bandin, Peter Philippson, Maya van Zelst, Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Argomenti principali:

Primo biennio, 2018-2019

1.    2-6 maggio 2018
Dai sintomi individuali ai campi psicopatologici
G. Francesetti, M. Gecele
2.      24-28 ottobre 2018
Attacchi di panico e ansia
G. Francesetti
Disturbi di personalitŕ: l'esperienza borderline
M. Gecele

3.      8-12 maggio 2019
Le esperienze depressive
G. Francesetti
Le esperienze maniacali
M. Gecele

4.     16-20 ottobre 2019
Narcisismo e vergogna
J.-M. Robine
Fobie ed esperienze ossessivo-compulsive
G. Francesetti

Secondo biennio, 2020-2021

1.    22-26 aprile 2020
Disturbi psicosomatici
C. Vazquez Bandin
Trauma e disturbi post-traumatici
G. Francesetti
2.      21-25 ottobre 2020
Il sč e la pelle. Disturbi alimentari
P. Philippson
Esperienze di dipendenza
M. van Zelst

3.      21-25 aprile 2021
Temi di sessualitŕ relazionale
N. Amendt Lyon
La violenza nelle relazioni intime e nella societŕ
M. Gecele

4.     Ottobre, 20-24, 2021
Le esperienze psicotiche dello spettro schizofrenico
M. Gecele, G. Francesetti

Sede: Centro Studi Sereno Regis, via Garibaldi 13, Torino,

Lingue: Italiano e Inglese

Calendario: due seminari di 5 giorni ciascuno all'anno (da mercoledě a domenica).

Costi e frequenza: čŹ possibile scegliere di partecipare ai singoli seminari, o al programma biennale, o all'intero programma quadriennale.

Seminario singolo: 700 euro
Programma biennale: 2.250 euro
Programma quadriennale: 4200 euro

La frequenza Ź obbligatoria, verrŕ data la possibilitŕ di recuperare le assenze nel corso delle successive edizioni del programma.

Partecipanti: Massimo 30 persone, psicoterapeuti della Gestalt, psicoterapeuti di altri approcci, psichiatri.

Informazioni e iscrizioni:

New York Institute of Gestalt Therapy
P. O. Box 238
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10011
Tel: (212) 864 – 8277

Program Calendar 2017 – 2018
Save the Dates

Wed. Oct 4    Stella Resnick
Topic: “Embodied Relational Intimacy: A Neurobiological Gestalt Integration of Couples and Sex Therapy”
Sat. Nov 11    Jack Aylward
Topic: “Anarchy and Gestalt Therapy: A Proposal for Radical Practice”
Sun. Dec 10    Lee Zevy
Topic: "The Environment of Trauma"
Wed. Jan 17    Matthew Whaley
Topic: “Somatic Experiencing”
Wed. Jan 31    Mark Fairfield
Topic: "Gestalt in an Age of Resistance: Supporting Justice Movements"
Sun. Feb 25    Perry Gunther
Topic: “Embodied Space and Embodied Field: Further Inquiries into Art and Gestalt”
Sat. Mar 3    NYIGT 65th Anniversary Symposium
One Day Symposium: Dinner/Dance to Follow
First Presbyterian Church – 5th Avenue and 12th Street
Sun. Apr 15    Judith Beerman Zeligson (Denmark)
Topic: “Is a Gestalt an organic unit or not? – an invitation to a Gestalt Diagnostic Flowchart and navigation tool in the field”

May TBA    Elinor Greenberg
Topic: “The Hidden Self: A Gestalt Look at Schizoid Adaptations”
Jun TBA    Michael Craig Clemmens, PhD
Topic: “Embodied Contexts: Relationships Between Our Embodiment and the Present Field”
Wed. Aug 8    Margherita Spagnuolo
Topic: “The Aesthetic Relational Knowledge: A Field Oriented Definition of Awareness”


Held in Wellfleet, MA, on Cape Cod unless otherwise indicated

Skills for High-Impact Coaching
Session 1: November 2-6, 2017; Session 2: January 18-22, 2018; Session 3: April 19-23, 2018
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Stuart N. Simon, PCC, Co-Director, and Jackie Sherman, PCC
GISC's ICF-accredited coach certification program provides intensive training and coaching skill development using our Gestalt core concepts within a supportive and dynamic learning community. We develop awareness, presence, and coaching competence uniquely in each participant resulting in profound personal and professional growth.  This program prepares qualified graduates to apply for ICF coaching credential upon completion.

Life Strategies for Navigating Personal & Professional Transitions
October 12-14, 2017
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty Katherine Greenleaf, JD, and Ned Robinson-Lynch
This unique program will help participants understand the strategies of a good transition through provocative and multidisciplinary activities. Participants will be introduced to and encouraged to develop personal tools to make transitions successfully and with assurance, leading to new and more satisfying outcomes.

Applying the Cape Cod Model in Organizations
October 16-21, 2017
Hosted by Norlin & Partners
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Faculty: Joseph Melnick, PhD, Program Director
Additional Faculty: Zeynep Tozum, MA, PCC
This program provides advanced practice in the organizational applications of the Cape Cod Model©, a competence-based approach to facilitating greater effectiveness and change. Practitioners will sharpen their ability to coach teams and consult with groups. Class size is limited to assure concentrated practice working with real clients and an opportunity to receive individual feedback.

October 26-29, 2017
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Marry Anne Walk, MS, MBA, MCC
This program focuses on individual personality theory and assessment and its application to coaching. The practice of coaching requires the ability to understand quickly the personality dynamics of the person being coached; yet training in coaching does not generally provide in-depth education in assessing and working with these issues.

A Live-Online Program
Six weekly sessions beginning November 1, 2017
Faculty: Carol Brockmon, LCSW, PCC
For clinicians, consultants, and coaches, the subject of ethics is too often addressed in an oversimplified, legalistic, cover-your-bases way that primarily involves an orientation to the relevant professional written codes and the consequences of violating them. However, the dilemma of ethics is the endless potential individual interpretation and application to each situation, often necessarily undertaken without the benefit of consultation or collaboration.  This live online workshop takes a step beyond the basics to explore the relationship between these codes, the underlying individual and cultural values that shape individuals, and the real-life contradictions and complexities that produce ethical dilemmas. Participants will be encouraged to present their cases and share the issues they face in their own practices.

An Introduction to the Cape Cod Model for Psychotherapists, Coaches, Consultants, and other Professionals
November 9-12
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Joseph Melnick, PhD, and Nancy Rutkowski, PhD, PCC
The Cape Cod Model is a unique, optimistic, and immediate approach to supporting change in individuals, small groups, and organizations. For decades it has been successfully employed by clinicians, coaches, psychotherapists, and consultants.  This workshop introduces participants to this radically simple yet powerful intervention model.

Advanced Training in the Cape Cod Model
March 15-20, 2018
Location: Philadelphia Area, USA
Faculty: Carol Brockmon, LCSW, and Joseph Melnick, PhD
In this all-inclusive, retreat-style program, participants will have the opportunity to increase their competency with the Cape Cod Model, with a goal of enhancing their ability to intervene with confidence and high impact in their work with individuals, couples, families, groups and teams. Additionally, participants will be supported to continue to explore their own personal development, with an opportunity to identify professional "blind-spots" as well as their personal and professional "growing edge." This five-day program is open only to graduates of the Cape Cod Training Program (CCTP) and is structured to increase the learning and practice of core principles of the model.



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