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May 1, 2017


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 2 Year Advanced (Post-Qualifying) Diploma in Gestalt Adolescent Psychotherapy

 Programme Director: Bronagh Starrs
 Guest Faculty: Mark McConville

 Dates: September 2017 - June 2019 (8 weekends per year)

 Venue: Dublin, Ireland

 The aim of this two-year in-depth training programme is to understand and appreciate the complexity of adolescent process and to support counsellors/therapists in developing deeper levels of competency in their work with adolescents who are experiencing psychological and developmental difficulties. The training will address adolescent development and psychotherapy from a relational Gestalt perspective.

 Full training information & application forms can be downloaded from our website


Training Programme 2017-19

1. Starting September 2017


For the second time running, our 18-month programme “Working at one remove” - using a Gestalt framework in supervision. This programme addresses the needs of all those who wish to develop their supervision competence whether clinical, organisational, coaching, etc. This field-theoretical approach is taught by very experienced supervisors and trainers. Learning will be experiential.

Year One: 10 tutor-led workshops

Year Two: 6 x 3-hour sessions of supervision practice in small groups, 2 assessment practice tutorials and 1 one and a half-day assessment workshop.

Prepares for BACP and IACP Supervisor accreditation.

2. Starting September 2018


A 2-year part-time post-qualifying course, open to anyone working relationally - not exclusively psychotherapists and counsellors, e.g. teaching, social work, etc.

This will also be the course's second run. The current training started September 2016, and we are very excited by this journey trainers and trainees have embarked on. For a flavour of the course, see our Facebook page (Gestalt Centre Belfast).

The programme is for those who wish to extend their professional skills by learning about and applying a Gestalt framework (theory, methodology and practice) to their working context. The learning is experiential through group participation.

Year One focuses on working with individuals.
Year Two focuses on working with groups.

GCB Faculty: Dr Seán Gaffney, Bríd Keenan, Joëlle Gartner and Marie Quiery

Indicate interest or ask for further information from

For full details of these two programmes, incl. dates, costs and application packs, contact See also ‘Gestalt Centre Belfast’ page on Facebook and

A 144 day Gestalt training is being offered in Shanghai by Gestalt Therapy International. 12 day introductory modules are currently being run. There are a few places still left in 2017, and enrolment for 2018 is now being taken.

Please contact the organiser, Ying Ying, for more details:

+86 186-2155-4086

Transformational Chairwork – Upcoming International Trainings - 2017

New York City
May 19, 2017 - The Advanced Dialogues

For more information and to register, please go to:

June 2, 2017 - Addictions, Trauma, and Self-Hatred

For more information and to register, please go to:

Oslo, Norway
June 8 & 9, 2017 - Transformational Chairwork - A Two-Day Training

This training will focus on such issues as: Resolving Inner Conflict; Healing from Grief and Loss; Working with Addictions; Overcoming Trauma and Interpersonal Mistreatment; and Developing Compassion-Centered Dialogues.

For more information and to register, please go to:

Lima, Peru
June 24 & 25, 2017 - Transformational Chairwork - A Two-Day Training

This training will focus on such issues as: Resolving Inner Conflict; Healing from Grief and Loss; Working with Addictions; Overcoming Trauma and Interpersonal Mistreatment; and Developing Compassion-Centered Dialogues.

For more information and to register, please go to:

For more information about Transformational Chairwork, please go to:  or contact Scott Kellogg, PhD at

25 Years Of The British Gestalt Journal - An Experiment Into The Unknown

30th June to 2nd July 2017 - Wokefield Park, Reading, UK

The Gestalt community are invited to join together and engage in an experiment into the unknown at the UKAGP 2017 Conference
Join a unique investigation as renowned International and UK writers
Lynne Jacobs - Peter Philippson - Joe Melnick - Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb - Gaie Houston, publish papers in the BGJ prior to the conference, allowing you to bring your reactions and thoughts, so together we can use them as a spring-board for exploration
In a ‘World Cafe' community activity, with the writers present, themes will develop through dialogue into emergent interest groups, and then, in focused conversations, we will explore these topics together

Lynne Jacobs explains her excitement:

Be part of an engaging Gestalt experiment into the unknown.
Last few places left, so to book your place at this unique event visit:


The Hypnotherapy Training Institute is offering two more hypnotherapy certification trainings in 2017. These comprehensive programs have a special emphasis on the integration of Gestalt and hypnotic modalities. They are experientially oriented, including demonstrations, group processes and supervised practice. The additional access to the subconscious mind via the skillful, sensitive use of a wide range of hypnotic methods can create powerful synergies with Gestalt. In fact, many Gestalt methods tend to be hypnotic, which is one of the reasons Gestalt can be so effective.

The classes meet near San Francisco, California at the lovely Corte Madera Inn, ten minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. They are designed for experienced and prospective counseling and health professionals from around the world.

The accelerated intensive begins August 5 and is four consecutive levels of 50 hours per week. These classes draw students from many states and various countries each semester. HTI's program on weekends is designed for northern Californians and is series of full day meetings on most Saturdays and some Sundays, June 24 through September 17. Just a portion of either program may be taken at a time. There are special workshops within each training, including Hypnotic Gestalt Dreamwork. The trainings can fill well in advance, so early registration is highly recommended.

Celebrating 39 years in the field, the Hypnotherapy Training Institute is approved by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and for various CEUs for professionals, including MFTs, social workers and nurses.

HTI's founder and primary instructor is Randal Churchill, author of three teaching texts for professionals. His classic Regression Hypnotherapy (now newly updated in a 2nd Edition) is primarily about the integration of age regression and Gestalt, as is the companion volume, Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy, which has received an extraordinary review from Robert Hall MD, former associate of Fritz Perls. Churchill's award-winning text, Become the Dream: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork, is about the integration of Gestalt dreamwork and hypnotherapy. Information about the three books is featured at

Cheryl Canfield teaches substantial portions of each program. Her book Profound Healing has received rave reviews from Joseph Chilton Pearce, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss and Gerald Jampolsky. 

Details about HTI's programs are at our website, and in our free Course Brochure, which can be downloaded at the website or obtained by emailing or calling 1-800-256-6448 toll-free (within the USA, Canada and Caribbean countries) or +1-707-579-9023 (International calls).


Presented by Stella Resnick, PhD

(May training re-scheduled to June due to road collapse)

Sunday, June 18 To Friday, June 23, 2017
26 CE credits (AASECT, APA, MFT, and LCSW)
This 5-day Full-Spectrum Gestalt training for therapists is primarily experiential with participants process work the route to professional expertise. Experiential work is followed by group discussion. Methods for exploring and enhancing emotional and sexual intimacy include a body-based reframing of relational and sexual issues, review of neurobiological data that support somatic awareness,  present-centered embodied Gestalt processing, and breath work to facilitate felt-sense perceptiveness, stress-regulation, and pleasure-enhancement.

• How brain science and sexology support an integrated relational approach to couples and sex therapy that is experiential and body-based.
• How the therapists’ personal growth is critical for honing presence and attunement with clients, while being attuned to one’s own visceral perceptiveness and intuition.

• Add to your own embodied self-discovery through present-centered Gestalt processing, felt-sense perception, breath work, and imagery exercises.
• Experiment with experiential methods for practicing presence, sharpening observation of subtle body-based cues, and offering non-interpretive feedback.
To register or for more information about Full Spectrum Gestalt trainings (FSG), and learning objectives, please visit:

Presented by Stella Resnick, PhD and Alan Kishbaugh

Sunday, July 16 to Friday, July 21 2017

Health professionals attending will gain skills relevant to clinical practice and earn 26 CE credits (AASECT, APA, MFT, and LCSW).

This 5-day couples' workshop progresses from partnered exercises and group discussion to partners' face-to-face Gestalt process work that emphasizes body-based awareness, enhancing communication, resolving past unfinished business, and building skills that deepen intimacy and expand loving pleasures. We explore three levels of intimacy:
* Emotional intimacy: presence; breath awareness; self-attunement; connection. 
* Physical intimacy: affection, interactive attunement; embodied empathy.
* Sexual intimacy: relaxed-excitement; broadening the range of erotic pleasures.

For more info, please visit:

Or call: (310) 855-7565

Stella Resnick, PhD
9730 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 205-B
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 855-7565

Post-graduate School in Gestalt Psychotherapy
(Ragusa, Rome, Venice)
is pleased to present

"Trauma and Body in Psychotherapy: the clinical treatments".

The seminar will introduce the Gestalt Therapy and Sensorimotor psychotherapy 's models of intervention. Our special guest for the occasion will be KEKUNI MINTON, Ph.D., co-author (with Pat Ogden, Ph.D. and Claire Pain Ph.D.) of "Trauma and the body. A sensorimotor approach to psychotherapy".

The event is intended for Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Doctors and Students in Specialized Training.


Saturday, 9:00am-7:00pm
Sunday, 9:00am-1:30pm


Location and transportation: Hotel del Quirinale Via Nazionale, 7 Rome [METRO A Repubblica], Italy.
The fee [VAT included] for attending is:

• 210,00 €
• 120,00 € for students of Psychotherapy and students graduating in Medicine and Psychology.


New York, NY

SHAME, DESIRE & COMPASSION / Hiro Yasuda, LCSW-R, CGP / Saturday, May 20 / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Despite the fact that we all recognize the experience of shame, we feel ashamed for feeling shame. A few of us are courageous enough to share our experience of shame with others. As for the rest of us, we hide. In cultures where feeling shame is considered shameful, how do we as therapists work with clients who struggle with this universal, yet often stigmatized human experience? This didactic-experiential workshop will help you gain theoretical and cross-cultural understandings of the origins, forms, and functions of shame through the lenses of Gestalt theory, sociology, and neuroscience. $120 (Continuing Education Hours for LMSW's, LCSW's and Licensed Psychoanalysts: 5)

The Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training at 37 E 28th St, Suite 408, New York, NY 10016 - Phone: 212-387-9429 - Email:

Julianne Appel-Opper,

NEXT DATES IN BIRMINGHAM, U. K. IN 2017 at the Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre
The INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP on Saturday 8th July will consist of an introduction together with exercises, experiential process, small group work and some theory input.
The ADVANCED WORKSHOP on Sunday 9th July will offer a space to deepen and broaden the experiences and knowledge of participants about embodied interventions, using exercises and experiential process. A short demonstration of an Embodied Supervision will be included.
On Wednesday, July 5th Julianne will be available for individual sessions as one-off supervision/psychotherapy/consulting sessions.

Developing Embodied Interventions and Experiments within the Co-created Embodied Field : the next series of 4 weekend workshops in Berlin will be on 20-11 Oct 2017; 19-21 Jan 2018; 20-22 April 2018; 15-17 June 2018.

The way both client and therapist look, sit, move, and breathe sends messages in both directions. Within a cocreated embodied field two living bodies communicate with each other as rhythms and melodies of moving and being moved. Julianne has developed a new way of understanding of and working within this body-to-body-communication in a relational and field oriented way. Her approach is well situated within research fields of neuroscience, attachment, and developmental psychology. Using her experience of many years of clinical practice and teaching, she offers a safe and respectful space for exercises, experiential process, live supervision, small group work together with theory input and a critical discussion and reflection of different approaches to body process in psychotherapy and relevant interdisciplinary research findings in this field. Participation of the BERLIN-PROGRAM includes a handout and a discount on the Confer Module Embodied Approaches to Psychotherapy, to which she participated in 2016.

For detailed flier and to book your place, please email or visit her website
JULIANNE APPEL-OPPER, Psychol. Psychotherapist, UKCP reg. Integrative/ Gestalt Psychotherapist, Supervisor,Trainer.

Aesthetic and Phenomenological Diagnosis in Gestalt Therapy.

Two days of Theory, Clinics and Research with Nancy McWilliams
Siracusa (Italy) - June 9-10, 2017

It’s well known that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is the best predictor of the therapeutic outcome, beyond the kind of disturbance lamented by the client. The phenomenological and aesthetic perspectives within which we participate rather than objectify the world and experience it through sensory perceptions, attunement, and resonances, are proper antidotes to the desensitization common to contemporary society. The seminar includes theoretical and experiential components as well as, possibly also live sessions led by Nancy McWilliams and by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, commented upon by other speakers and, for research purposes, by Madeleine Fogarty (author of Gestalt Therapy Fidelity Scale).

Who will dialogue with them on concepts such as research in psychotherapy, field, intuition, attunement, resonance, spontaneity in therapeutic contact are academic teachers, researchers and trainers at the Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy, post-graduate school of psychotherapy.
Among  them are:
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Piero Cavaleri (Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy, Siracuse)
Santo Di Nuovo (Catania University, Italy)
Madeleine Fogarty (Melbourne University, Australia)
Paolo Migone (Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane journal)

Translation from English into Italian will be provided, as well as from Italian into English if required.

Conference room of Paolo Orsi Museum, an exclusive museum full of history, close to the Greek Theatre and Ortigia, Syracuse (Italy)

100 Euro (board and lodging excluded)

Psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, helping professionals

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants.


Through the site


Enriching Contact with Ourselves and Others Through “THE GIRL” (Gestalt Inventory of Resistance Loadings): Relational Uses of Self-Awareness Inventories
FACULTY: Ansel Woldt, Ed.D, LP, LPCC-S, Logan Lamprecht, Ph.D., PCC, NCC
DATES: Saturday, May 12, 2017
TIMES: Visit our website for full schedule dates and times
CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 6.5 Instructional hours

This workshop will engage participants in using their scores from completing the self-administered personality inventory entitled  "The GIRL" (Gestalt Inventory of Resistance Loadings), which provides valid and reliable assessment of the 7 primary styles of resistance embedded in Gestalt therapy theory.  They are: Confluence, Desensitization, Introjection, Projection, Retroflection, Deflection and Egotism.Participants are expected to complete the Qualtrics GIRL Survey online prior to the workshop, which takes about 25-30 minutes.  The workshop will include a brief summary of the research methodology used to develop the inventory and GIRL-based research projects. There will be experiential activities, working dialogically in a Gestalt therapeutic manner with personal and interpersonal data as participants share information learned from their GIRL profiles. The workshop will culminate in discussion of ways the GIRL might be used educationally, clinically and in future research.

216-421-0468 or visit

Gestalt Experience Workshop: An Introduction to Gestalt

FACULTY: Michael Clemmens, PhD, Lynnette Davidson
DATES: Fri, May 19, 2017-Sun, May 21, 2017
TIMES: Visit our website for full schedule dates and times
CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 16.5 contact hours

We invite you to participate in a Gestalt Experience Workshop (GEW) and learn how a Gestalt approach can help you to build more productive and satisfying personal and professional relationships. This workshop focuses on increasing your self-awareness and supporting your learning through direct, present experience and respectful exchange with others.

216-421-0468 or visit

Being with the Other: Shame, Culture and Ethics in the Therapeutic Relational Field

FACULTY: Heidi Abrams, MSSA, LISW, John Verbos
DATES: Sat, Jun 17, 2017-Sun, Jun 18, 2017
TIMES: Visit our website for full schedule dates and times
CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 7 contact hours (6 hours ethics)

In this workshop we will explore the “braided” relationship of culture, shame, and ethics as they relate to our practice as professionals. The “strands” of culture, shame, and ethics show up in our personal experience, our experience of others, and how we experience our work with our clients/patients.

216-421-0468 or visit

Ethical Experience and our Attitudes toward the Other

FACULTY: Daniel E. Jones, PhD, Jennifer McWeeny, PhD
DATES: Saturday, July 8, 2017
TIMES: Visit our website for full schedule dates and times
CONTINUING EDUCATION (CE): 6 ethics contact hours

"We will turn to phenomenology to address the questions: What is the ethical experience? When does the ethical experience occur? What can be said of the person who has this experience? One of Gestalt therapy's central concepts is contact with the 'other'. We will explore together how the ethical experience shapes the Gestalt practitioner's attitudes toward the other.

216-421-0468 or visit


Held in Wellfleet, MA, on Cape Cod unless otherwise indicated

Meets May 11-18 and October 5-12, 2017, Wellfleet, MA
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty:  Sharona Halpern, MA, LMHC, and Stuart Simon, LICSW, PCC
85 CE Hours:  APA, ICF-certified for 85 Core Competency CEU's.

The Cape Cod Training Program (CCTP) offers the opportunity to change the way you see human behavior, human connections and human potential in the workplace and in everyday life. Learn the Cape Cod Model, a dynamic and highly effective in-the-moment micro-intervention technique that enables you to have greater impact working one-on-one, in groups, and in organizational settings.

You will learn to be more effective and create positive change in all areas of life through applying these basic principles and practices. The Cape Cod Training Program has been taught around the world and on Cape Cod for over 35 years. In that time, GISC has expanded application of basic Gestalt principles from couples and families to family businesses, groups and organizations.  Cape Cod Training Program is open to coaches and consultants as well as psychotherapists, counselors, leaders and other professionals. The program is designed to provide maximum opportunities to practice the model.

Skills for High-Impact Intervention
June 22-25, 2017
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Jackie Sherman, PhD, PCC, and Nancy Rutkowski, PhD, LCSW, PCC
Whether you are a consultant, coach, or therapist, developing your ability to see repeated patterns of behavior in a client system is crucial to effective intervention. This 3-day workshop will increase your ability to work with interactive patterns in dyads, couples, teams and families. You will improve your ability to identify those patterns and then to describe them in ways that are useful to your client. These skills are critical to working with pairs and groups and to working with the Cape Cod Model.

A Program in Graphic Facilitation for Consultants, Teachers, Leaders, Facilitators, Project Managers, and anyone in between
September 14-16, 2017
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Nora Herting, MFA, and Sky Freyss-Cole
This is a beginner course in graphic facilitation and Gestalt leadership concepts. No particular drawing skills are required. Work with expert facilitators from Image Think and our GISC faculty to learn how you can use visual tools to energize meetings and improve your skills managing differences on teams.

Advanced Training in the Cape Cod Model
September 14-18, 2017
Location: Hertfordshire, UK
Faculty: Sharona Halpern, LMHC, and Stuart Simon, LICSW
Practitioners will have the opportunity to increase their competency with the Cape Cod Model, with a goal of enhancing their ability to intervene with confidence and high impact in their work with individuals, couples, families, groups and teams. Additionally, participants will be supported to continue to explore their own personal development, with an opportunity to identify professional "blind-spots" as well as their personal and professional "growing edge." This five-day program is open only to graduates of the Cape Cod Training Program (CCTP) and is structured to increase the learning and practice of core principles of the model.

Embodied Presence in Practice
September 17-19, 2017
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Archie Roberts, MA, and Ann Carr, MS, MCC, GPCC
Explore a variety of insights and techniques to connect the mind with the body, in ways useful for yourself as well as your clients. Using physical process and theater techniques learn to enhance your physical presence and impact.

A Live-Online Program
September 26-28, 2017
Faculty: Donna Dennis, PhD, and Louise Holmes
Learn GISC's Gestalt approach to effective virtual leadership in this interactive, live-online program.  Virtual teams can out  perform co-located teams—when leaders rethink the fundamentals of communication, cooperation, and trust-building for the virtual environment. In this program, GISC faculty will address and make explicit the often-overlooked keys to leading a high-performing virtual team. Getting there, and avoiding the feelings of isolation and alienation that are all too pervasive among virtual team members, requires a savvy, thoughtful leader who pays equal attention to tasks and relationships, and to both individuals as well as team dynamics.

A Unique Program for Senior Leaders
October 15-20, 2017 & March 4-9, 2018
Location: Wellfleet, MA, USA
Faculty: Belinda Harris, PhD and John Wipfler, JD, MBA
Additional Faculty: Archie Roberts, MA
Few development programs actually teach leaders how to leverage their highly developed competencies and apply new skills that promote individual and group success. GISC’s Leadership program uses a well-established and proven approach for increasing personal impact that will expand participants’ knowledge about themselves as leaders—helping them build on personal strengths and develop the potential of those with whom they work.  Through interactive training and one-on-one leadership coaching, participants develop self-awareness as leaders, explore power dynamics, and learn about leading groups, influencing others, and bringing about organizational change.



Turin (Italy) 2018-2019/2020-2021
International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology (IPsiG)

The International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology was founded in Torino in 2016 and is rooted in the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy, in particular in those contemporary developments focused on a relational and field perspective in psychotherapy. The IPsiG is in continuity with the tradition and the further developments of this approach, in dialogue with the other therapeutic modalities and with current cultural, philosophical and scientific developments. The Institute is deeply rooted in the tradition of the phenomenological psychopathology and in the contemporary wide debate on diagnosis and clinical practice. It is part of an international network devoted to the advancement of Gestalt Therapy and its applications to clinical practice. Human suffering is understood as a creative expression of the relational field and therapy as the situation where the therapist's presence supports the transformation of pain into beauty, following the aesthetic criteria of the contact process.

Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele

G. Francesetti, Michela Gecele, J.-M. Robine, C. Vazquez Bandin, Peter Philippson, Maya van Zelst, Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Main topics:

Program I, 2018-2019

1.    May, 2-6, 2018
    From individual symptoms to psychopathological fields
    G. Francesetti, M. Gecele
2.     October, 24-28, 2018
    Panic, panic disorder and anxiety
    G. Francesetti
    Personality disorders: borderline experience
    M. Gecele

3.     May, 8-12, 2019
    Depressive experiences
    G. Francesetti
    Manic experiences
    M. Gecele

4.     October, 16-20, 2019
    Narcissism and shame
    J.-M. Robine
    Phobias and obsessive compulsive experiences
    G. Francesetti

Program II, 2020-2021

1.    April, 22-26, 2020
    Psychosomatic disorders
    C. Vazquez Bandin

    Trauma and post-traumatic disorders
    G. Francesetti
2.      October, 21-25, 2020
    The self and the skin. Eating disorders
    P. Philippson
    Addictive Experiences
    M. van Zelst

3.     April, 21-25, 2021
    Relational sexual issues
    N. Amendt Lyon
    Violence in intimate relationships and in society
    M. Gecele

4.     October, 20-24, 2021
    Psychotic experiences in the schizophrenic spectrum
    M. Gecele, G. Francesetti

Location: in the very center of Turin (Italy), Centro Studi Sereno Regis, via Garibaldi 13,

Language: English and Italian

Year schedule: Two 5 days seminars per year (from Wednesday to Sunday).

Cost: it is possible to choose the participation in a single seminar, or in the first two-year program, or in the entire four-year program.

Single seminar: 700 euros
Two year program: 2.250 euros
Four year program: 4200 euros

Attendance is mandatory, you can retrieve any absences in successive editions of the program.

Participants: Maximum 30 people, Gestalt therapists, psychotherapists from other modalities, psychiatrists.

Accommodation: Information on different categories of accommodation in the area where training will take place will be provided.

Information and registration:





Torino 2018-2019/2020-2021

Istituto internazionale di Psicopatologia e Psicoterapia della Gestalt

L'Istituto internazionale di Psicopatologia e Psicoterapia della Gestalt è stato fondato a Torino nel 2016 e si colloca nel quadro della teoria e pratica della psicoterapia della Gestalt, in particolare in quegli sviluppi contemporanei incentrati su una prospettiva relazionale e di campo in psicoterapia. L'IPsiG si pone in continuità con la tradizione e gli sviluppi successivi di questo approccio, in dialogo con altre modalità terapeutiche e con gli attuali sviluppi culturali, filosofici e scientifici. L'Istituto è profondamente radicato nella tradizione della psicopatologia fenomenologica e nel vasto dibattito contemporaneo sui temi della diagnosi e della pratica clinica. Fa parte di una rete internazionale impegnata nello sviluppo della psicoterapia della Gestalt e nella sua applicazione alla pratica clinica. La sofferenza umana è concepita come un'espressione creativa del campo relazionale e la terapia come una situazione nella quale la presenza del terapeuta supporta la trasformazione del dolore in bellezza, secondo i criteri estetici del processo di contatto.

Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele

G. Francesetti, Michela Gecele, J.-M. Robine, C. Vazquez Bandin, Peter Philippson, Maya van Zelst, Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Argomenti principali:

Primo biennio, 2018-2019

1.    2-6 maggio 2018
    Dai sintomi individuali ai campi psicopatologici
    G. Francesetti, M. Gecele
2.      24-28 ottobre 2018
    Attacchi di panico e ansia
    G. Francesetti
    Disturbi di personalità: l'esperienza borderline
    M. Gecele

3.      8-12 maggio 2019
    Le esperienze depressive
    G. Francesetti
    Le esperienze maniacali
    M. Gecele

4.     16-20 ottobre 2019
    Narcisismo e vergogna
    J.-M. Robine
    Fobie ed esperienze ossessivo-compulsive
    G. Francesetti

Secondo biennio, 2020-2021

1.    22-26 aprile 2020
    Disturbi psicosomatici
    C. Vazquez Bandin
    Trauma e disturbi post-traumatici
    G. Francesetti
2.      21-25 ottobre 2020
    Il sè e la pelle. Disturbi alimentari
    P. Philippson
    Esperienze di dipendenza
    M. van Zelst

3.      21-25 aprile 2021
    Temi di sessualità relazionale
    N. Amendt Lyon
    La violenza nelle relazioni intime e nella società
    M. Gecele

4.     Ottobre, 20-24, 2021
    Le esperienze psicotiche dello spettro schizofrenico
    M. Gecele, G. Francesetti

Sede: Centro Studi Sereno Regis, via Garibaldi 13, Torino,
Lingue: Italiano e Inglese
Calendario: due seminari di 5 giorni ciascuno all'anno (da mercoledì a domenica).
Costi e frequenza: è possibile scegliere di partecipare ai singoli seminari, o al programma biennale, o all'intero programma quadriennale.

Seminario singolo: 700 euro
Programma biennale: 2.250 euro
Programma quadriennale: 4200 euro

La frequenza  obbligatoria, verrà data la possibilità di recuperare le assenze nel corso delle successive edizioni del programma.

Partecipanti: Massimo 30 persone, psicoterapeuti della Gestalt, psicoterapeuti di altri approcci, psichiatri.

Informazioni e iscrizioni:

Saturday 30th Sept 10.30 - 4.30
Armada House, Bristol, UK

RECLAIMING THE HEART OF PSYCHOTHERAPY with NICK TOTTON - therapist, trainer and author. Nick has written or edited books including Psychotherapy and Politics; The Politics of Psychotherapy; Not A Tame Lion –  Therapy in its Social and Political Contexts; Wild Therapy and Embodied Relating.  He has long been involved  in the politics of therapy, edited the journal Psychotherapy and Politics International, was Chair of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and is outgoing Chair of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union.

About the lecture
The last few decades have seen a powerful movement within therapy to tighten its theoretical and institutional structures. It has set up processes of regulation and surveillance on every level to make psychotherapy and counselling conform to the model of a 21st century profession.
Nick will argue that this Procrustean approach – chopping bits off here and stretching bits painfully there – may have had a certain value. It has forced us to attend to what it has failed to notice: that the values and attitudes at the core of our work are incompatible with defining ourselves as a conventional profession.  However, a powerful groundswell of opposition is now reclaiming the heart of psychotherapy, thus counter-balancing the movement towards regulation.
The lecture will start with Nick considering how he sees this process of reaffirmation, and his own part in it. We will then move by stages into a collective process.  In pairs and small groups we will ask ourselves: What is at the heart of my practice? How does this support me in joining hands with other therapists, so as to create the sort of environment where psychotherapy can flourish?

The cost of the day, including lunch and refreshments is:
£80 full; £70 Early bird before 30th June;
£55 students and £50 concessions
Booking information and more details on website:


Presented by Cathy Gray and Carol Swanson, June 4 - 12, 2017, Hosted by Hakon Leiffson

The Courage to be Real:  Transforming Relationship,  The workshop is grounded in Gestalt therapy theory,
in present centered awareness, and embodied practice.  Set in the beauty and wonder of Iceland we will come together to learn and experiment with new ways of being in connection and relationship.

Fee:  $1300. ;  $1100. for residents of Iceland.   Contact:;  Carol Swanson:
Phone:  Cathy-610-246-6389;  Carol-503-758-9528


Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with our Gestalt associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, we aim to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of organisational development, community building, coaching and psychotherapy.  See our full range of training opportunities and events here: 


Led by Marie-Anne Chidiac, Sally Denham-Vaughan and Frans Meulmeester, this unique five-day residential was created to bring together senior organisational practitioners and leaders who are committed to exploring the relationship between their professional practice and their personal process that supports the work. This will be a deep dive into aspects of awareness practice, exploring the ethics and values that motivate and call us on: equity, dialogue, sensitivity to context and co-emergence. While attendance is highly recommended for students and graduates of Relational Organisational Gestalt training, previous knowledge of organisational Gestalt theory is not a prerequisite. More important is a willingness to inquire into your own awareness experience and support others to do the same.

Date: June 7th – 11th | Venue: Malvern, UK
Contact: Sally Taylor  


Is there an unlived life in each of us? A part of us that is longing to live more fully? In this one-day gathering we will explore how to reveal this part through mask, movement, imagery and expressive art. Through active imagination we can begin to see these threads of potential life and start to bring them to life. The day will be led by Relational Change affiliate, Sue Congram. Drawing on Gestalt and Jungian theory, she will explore ideas of active imagination and the imaginal field. She will discuss the theory and history behind this work and what we can do to expand our unlived life. Whether you are a therapist, counsellor, organisational consultant, coach or just interested in the work of Relational Change, we believe you will discover something useful in this day of reflection and discussion. This is an opportunity for us to gather as a community, share updates on our work and strengthen relationships. We look forward to welcoming you.

Date: November 30th 2017 | Venue: London
Contact: Sue Gammons


This course is suitable for psychotherapists, counsellors and organisational practitioners wishing to be accredited to supervise others and is based upon our new matrix model of a relational approach to supervision and supervisory practice.

Date: Starts December 14th 2017 | Venue: London
Contact: Sally Taylor

This CPD event led by Gestalt psychotherapist and Lifemusic practitioner Jon Blend is an inter-disciplinary nurture day for therapists, counsellors and others working with people in a therapeutic or pastoral capacity. This workshop, the first in a series, invites you to set aside your busy schedule  and focus awhile on your own restoration, refreshment and  renewal. We will explore a variety of  music-making and creative- writing activities  involving working in pairs, solo and as a group. 

No previous knowledge or experience of music-making or writing ability is needed for this inclusive, fun workshop, which aims to foster “communitas” and enhance well being. “Instant access” instruments will be provide; you are also welcome to bring your own.

DATE: JUNE 10, 2017
TIMES: 11am - 

All  are welcome to gather  for tea/ coffee from 10.30am . We will break for an hour at 1pm for lunch (bring your own or eat at local cafes).

Free on-street parking in Myrtle Rd and adjoining streets.
Nearest trains:  3 mins walk from Acton Central Overground (Euston, Highbury, Richmond, Stratford) Buses: 207 connecting Shepherds Bush and Ealing Broadway runs nearby;  266: Hammersmith.

FEE:  £45.  Includes refreshments.
Member of Vox Anima/ Guild of Lifemusicians
Tel: + 44 (0)20 8992 1982 ( see link to Lifemusic)

Contact and Relationship in a Field Perspective
Lecture and Workshop by Peter Philippson
In a lecture Fritz Perls gave in 1957, he said 'So what is this "self"? Now the "self" cannot be understood other than through the field, just like day cannot be understood other than by contrast with night. If there were eternal day, eternal lightness, not only would you not have the concept of a "day", you would not even have the awareness of a "day" because there is nothing to be aware of, there is no differentiation. So, the "self" is to be found in the contrast with the otherness. There is a boundary between the self and the other, and this boundary is the essence of psychology.'  Classical Gestalt Therapy is based on this insight: the client and the therapist discover each other and themselves in their contact.  Will we find ourselves in a familiar way, or find a way to discover something new and lively?  This workshop will look at ways to work at the boundary where self and other co-create, through theory presentation, discussion and experience.
Faculty: Peter Philippson, M.Sc. (Gestalt Psychotherapy) is a UKCP Registered Gestalt psychotherapist and trainer, a Teaching and Supervising Member of the Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute UK, a founder member of Manchester Gestalt Centre, Full Member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, Senior Trainer for GITA (Slovenia), advisory board member, Center for Somatic Studies and a guest trainer for many training programmes internationally.  He is Past President of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy.  Peter is the author of 'Self in Relation', pub. Gestalt Journal Press, ‘The Emergent Self’ pub. Karnac/UKCP and ‘Gestalt Therapy: Roots and Branches’ pub. Karnac, and many other chapters and articles.  He is a teacher and student of traditional Aikido.
Date: 3. – 5. November 2017
Time: Friday, 7pm – 9pm, Saturday, 10am – 6pm, Sunday, 10 am – 1 pm;
Vanue: InKontakt Gestaltinstitut Berlin, Gleimstraße 37, 10437 Berlin
Costs: 250,- €
Organsation and Contact: Gabriele Blankertz,,

Coping with childhood in the 21st century"

It hints at the gap between the grown-ups, Parents, family, care-takers and educators and the children around them. It refers to perception of rolls, authority, resources, expectation and hopes - in light of social- cultural- political and financial changes.

1. For Parents


- Children in their family
- Understanding the developmental need of your child (a GT perspective)
- Making your family a nurturing environment
- Children´s role in the family
- Authority and democracy are not polarities
- Siblings relationships
- Crisis in the family and your child: (Illness, separation, death, re-location, economical difficulties, etc.):

    What does the child understand?
    What and how to share?
    When to turn to professional help?


May 12, 13 and 14, 2017


Three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
From: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Ph.D Nurtih Levi  is a Gestalt therapist, psychotherapist, family therapist and marriage counselor and a qualified supervisor in these modalities.

*We recall that the total number of training hours for the seminars will be recognized by the European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) as part of the continuing training required in the first five years after accreditation as a member, as well as one of the Curricular accreditation programs, where students must take additional seminars for their free initiation.

LANGUAGE: English (simultaneous interpretation Spanish)
LOCATION: Granada, Spain. Centro Defábula. Calle Torre do los Hidalgos 2, building 2. 2-B, 18008. Granada
ENROLL: If you are interested please book your place at,, or you can also call us to the centre, 958 137 995.



Hacer frente a la infancia en el S.XXI"

Hace referencia a la brecha entre los adultos, los padres, la familia, los cuidadores y los educadores y los niños alrededor de ellos. Se refiere a la percepción del rol, la autoridad, los recursos, las expectativas y las esperanzas - a la luz de los cambios socioculturales, políticos y financieros- .

1. Para padres 


- Niños en la familia
- Comprender las necesidades de desarrollo de su hijo (una perspectiva gestáltica)
- Hacer de su familia un ambiente nutritivo
- El papel de los niños en la familia
- La autoridad y la democracia no son polaridades.
- Relaciones de hermanos
- Crisis en la familia y en su hijo (enfermedad, separación, muertes, reubicación, dificultades económicas, etc.):

    ¿Qué entiende el niño?
    ¿Qué y cómo compartir?
    ¿Cuándo recurrir a la ayuda profesional?


12, 13 y 14 de mayo 2017


Tres días, viernes, sábado y domingo
De 10:00hrs a 19:00hrs (con un descanso para la comida)

La Dr. Nurith Levi es terapeuta Gestalt, psicoterapeuta, terapeuta de familia y consejera matrimonial, y una supervisora cualificada en estas modalidades.

*Recordamos que el total de horas de formación de los seminarios serán reconocidas por la Asociación Europea de Terapia Gestalt (EAGT), como parte de la formación continua requerida en los primeros cinco años después de acreditarse como miembro, así como uno de los requisitos de los programas de acreditación curricular, donde los alumnos deben tomar seminarios adicionales para su libre iniciación.

IDIOMA: Inglés (con traducción simultánea al castellano).
LOCALIZACIÓN: Granada, España. Centro Defábula. Calle Torre do los Hidalgos 2, Bloque 2. 2-B, 18008. Granada
Si estás interesado, puedes reservar tu plaza en,, o puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros llamando al  958 137 995.




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